New York time vs. time everywhere else in the world

So what’s the deal?

A year ago this month, I sent in a manuscript that was requested by an editor. A STINKIN’ YEAR AGO? I guess they didn’t want it too bad.

Well, I shouldn’t be so bitter, I suppose. But to get all excited that one of my babies actually made it through a first reading and was handed up to another editor–WOW. Finally, I’d thought. A break.

Hold up there, little lady. Don’t count your chickens. Don’t even DREAM of quitting that dayjob. (Not that I could with the sale of just one book anyway.) Not only is your work not the most imporant thing in this editor’s pile of paper (no matter how enthusiastic she SOUNDED about it at RWA National) it isn’t going to measure up in her personal prioritiers either. Nooooo. Because this editor had to go on maternity leave to boot.

How dare she have a personal life anyway?

Come back soon, editor, please. Love me or kick me to the curb, the limbo is smothering!


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