Sigh. They passed on it. I got a fairly nice rejection letter though. Should that count? I suppose. At least I tried, and I can move on.

Some days though I wonder if it’s worth it. Maybe I do stink. Maybe I’m kidding myself. Am I destined to be only a wannabe, no matter how many people I query and submit to? I have to have SOME telent, don’t I? Or else my work wouldn’t have even made it that far.

I guess I’ll just keep writing, that’s what writers do.

Please, I want to be published! I want to make my living as a writer! Someone pull me out of this PIT!


2 Comments on “REJECTED!”

  1. chryscat says:

    KEEP WRITING! Look! All caps. That means I MEAN IT!
    Rejections are horrific. They hurt. They dash your dreams and hang your hopes, but you can get past that. Ayuh. Really.
    Also…by the by…may look into using a sitemeter if you don’t already have one. They rock.
    Um…you don’t have OCD, do you?

  2. Sitemeter? You mean, like a counter?

    OCD? Probably….why? :)–>

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