Yes, that’s me. Haven’t posted all week. Am I BORING or what? It’s so easy to procrastinate. How many of you find yourselves doing this? More than I could even guess , I suspect. So how and where do people get all their energy to get things accomplished?

Do you think that they actually go to bed at a decent time?

I’ve TRIED to reset my internal clock, but I come from generations of night people. Not “nightlife” people. Just people who like to stay up late reading, writing, watching tv or movies. I have all day the day before my family comes over before Sunday dinner to clean house (and where I live, Dinner means Lunch, and Supper is , well, Supper.) So, about 9:30 on a Saturday night, I get my behind in gear and start cleaning house. And of course, one thing leads to another because I’ve put off cleaning house and now, every little stray dustbunny catches my eye (because I feel I have to clean things that my MIL, as wonderful as she is, might see and think, ‘that needs dusting’), and it’s like 2 am before I even think of falling into bed.

So I then do the bedtime routine, washing the face because I wear a lot of make-up, which has now melted down to the places it isn’t supposed to be. Then I remind myself I need to use that moisturizer, because while I was taming unruly eyebrows, I noticed I have the beginnings of wrinkles I hadn’t noticed before. And, oh, my gosh, why haven’t I looked at my roots in weeks? Gray? No, It couldn’t possibly be…yes. It is. No more procrastination with the haircolor. No way Jose.

By now it’s 3:30, and then I fall into bed and wake up at 8:30 when the obnoxious alarm buzzes in my ear(I heard one just like mine in a movie I went to see, and automatically my hand reached out and thumped DH, as if HE were the road to put off getting out of bed.) Then I get up after hitting snooze a couple of times and fly to church. I can always have a nap that afternoon. But later, I decide to put off the nap until it’s time to go to bed.

Whenever THAT is, I think as I pick up my current book and proceed to read until I finish it. Boy, am I glad I have Mondays off….

So, any ideas on breaking the cycle? Did any of you see me WRITING anywhere in there?

No, because like a slug, I put it off. No wonder I’m not getting anywhere….

2 Comments on “Slackers-‘R’-Us”

  1. chryscat says:

    It’s amazing that the world doesn’t just STOP for writers. I think that is utterly not right. I mean, really. We need time. There’s such a lack of it.
    And, of course, no one understands the fact we can’t do fifty things at once. And it’s the writing which always tends to suffer. Dang it.
    Oh…and I’m coloring my gray tomorrow. CAN NOT PUT IT OFF ANY LONGER. *laughing*

  2. I usually “write” when i´m doing all the other things. When i sit down at the computer i just have to “psychograph” my own messages. Some changes might occur, but not too many.

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