There and Back Again

Yes, I’ve been out of town again. Family reunion this time…wonderful visits, tables groaning with food, the whole thing. Nice weather this time around.

I’m starting to even DREAM about my next project. Not very handy when I haven’t finished the current one. It’s been nudging my conscious brain for quite awhile, but now, it’s even invading my slumber. Guess I’d better get to work.

I’m so frustrated though…I try and I try, I send out queries, proposals…but I just can’t seem to “get there.” On the other hand, something touches my hot button, and I write a guest column for the newspaper (for which I don’t get paid…shows how much my opinion is worth) and I seem to get published there easily. It makes me wonder if I’m chasing the wrong writing goal. Either that, or I should just find something that makes me mad enough to write a whole book of fiction. Or a fictional subject I’m that passionate about.

Actually, I’ve entertained the idea of putting together a few opinion articles, then possibly pitching them to the newspaper for an actual job. I think I could do it…I just have that fear of rejection thing again. But I sure enough won’t get anywhere if I do NOTHING. Can’t win the lottery if I don’t play, huh?


One Comment on “There and Back Again”

  1. chryscat says:

    And doesn’t it stink that we have to have an occupation where we’re constantly in the line of fire in some way or another? Good grief!
    We need hazard pay.

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