And the Rockets’ Red Glare . . .

Well, the red glare will be coming from ME if my yahoo neighbors hit my new car with their fireworks. I’m all for having some fun, but we always went to the river or somewhere else in the country to shoot off our fireworks. Makes me a little nervous when bottle rockets hit the house. Maybe I’m just a wet blanket. 🙂

Had a nice 4th though. Spent the day sitting in front of the A/C doing absolutely nothing but watching my soaps. Lazy? Well, I earned it – – this time. More about that in a sec. This evening we went to my Granny’s house and had some KFC and scrumptious pies made by Mom. YUM. And played with my little baby niece. How wonderful she is. 🙂

Now, about the earning it thing…

Yesterday was DH’s 40th b-day party. And naturally, it had to be 104 degrees out, the hottest day of the year so far. I had planned sandwich makings and cake and the whole bit, but even though I kept the trays in the fridge till the last minute, the food still wilted. And the help I was supposed to have decorating didn’t get in from out of town in time, so I ended up setting up everything and decorating by myself. Poor planning on my part. And I over-ordered food. So we have TONS left over. So the FoodSaver gets a workout. 🙂 I paid for it by gum, and we will eat it. A whole other tray of sanwhich stuff left over. And Cake. Cake cake cake. And I had nice friends help when they arrived, but it seemed like I had little time to visit…I guess that happens when your the hostess. And things cost twice as much than you plan. Next time, I’m saving my money so I’ll have enough to have it catered. I was so hot and wilted by the end of the night. My Mom works at a convenience store, and when we went to see her after the party, she was stocking the cooler. HEAVEN. Pure heaven. it was FREEZING in there. Thank goodness. Anyway, we started at 5, and everyone left by 9:30…things sure change when you get older, and have kids, etc. It was really too hot to do much more than sit and visit, and the heat takes it out of you too. I’m sure everyone was ready to go.

But DH seemed to have a good time. And that was important. The normally quiet man made this great speech, saying how my b-day had been days before, and wanted everyone to wish me well and he said how much he appreciated the party, etc. It was so romantic and sweet…Thank goodness for the keg of Bud. *hahaha*

The weather today dawned cloudy and topped out 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. Figures! 🙂


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