Well, Drudge posted a headline today stating J.K. Rowling made $36 Million in one day, selling 250,000 books per hour. On Dateline, Katie Couric asked Jo about a Forbes Magazine report that stated she was one of four self-made women billioniares. Jo had a laugh at this, and denied it. she said they were perhaps speculating on future earnings, etc. and “frankly, they’re adding figures together that don’t exist.”

But she did say that she had plenty of money was doing “okay.”

Well, I just bet she is. 🙂 I am really happy that this author has had the success she has, and admire her career. I would kinda like to have one like it myself. 🙂

What the people who read reports like this don’t realize is that writers that are fortunate enough to be published don’t see the full percentage a book’s earnings. profit on cover prices, movie options, royalties, etc. are all divided among the masses, like our aunt’s caramel pie at the family reunion. Rather than get into a whole explanation here, I’ll refer readers to this source.
I can’t do any better than Brenda Hyatt.

Anyway, I plan on reading the newest HP just as soon as I can!


2 Comments on “Potterpalooza”

  1. chryscat says:

    It is SO good. Much better than the last, IMO.
    And finances? Any time you’re in any sort of entertainment business, your shares are cut considerably. Look at singers and such. They must pay all sorts of expenses. SIGH
    I could, however, get used to it.

  2. Yes, I could too! :)I read chapter one today, but was under the weather and fell asleep. Looking forward to more!

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