“Written Just for me…”

I was visiting with a little elderly woman the other day, one that really enjoys her books. She was reading one her son picked up from the library, but seemed less than thrilled with it.

She said, ” I wish someone would right a book especially for me. One that I can’t wait to see what’s next, and one that has everything I could hope for in a story.”

Well, I would like to be the kind of writer who would write a book someone thought I’d written especially for them.

So what’s the trick? Watching the market, to see what kinds of stories people are buying? Watching the editors’ wish lists?

Or writing a book just for ME, and hoping it resonates with someone else? Or a bunch of someone elses, esp. an editor with deep pockets!

What do you, as a reader, want in a book?


One Comment on ““Written Just for me…””

  1. chryscat says:

    As a reader:
    Great storyline
    Characters I can believe in
    Engaging dialogue
    A time period I can get into
    Names that aren’t hard to pronounce
    Stuff like that


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