Mixin’ It Up

What Word: Level 54; 2, 684, 185 pts.

Well, it just keeps on brewing. The debacle of the RWA Awards Ceremony (see Aug. 2) has certainly stirred the anger of many within our organization, and dividing our membership along lines that shouldn’t even be a part of our agenda, in my opinion.

I am a Republican. Many of my friends and fellow writers are not. But some are. And we have our beliefs, and as much right to them as democrats and liberals and any combination thereof. (But I am not using this blog as a platform for those beliefs and arguments.)

When it comes to our writing groups, however, my friends and I agree to disagree and don’t discuss politics within the confines of our writing circle. Members of RWA should hold to this as well. That said, I’m weighing in on the things I’ve read about regarding the RWA ceremony and it’s content. In my opinion, the subject matter of the awards ceremony was highly inappropriate.

RWA is not the place to air matters of a politcal nature of any kind. Its focus should remain on our members and their writing accomplishments, and all the issues pertaining to our careers and the betterment of our industry. There shouldn’t be political argument dividing our membership. Those issues are for another arena. I only hope the members of RWA will realize this, and not let the organization be torn apart by dissent and division, on subjects that do not pertain to the intended focus of our group.

RWA has issued this statement,(see Aug. 6) in response to the roar of the crowd, including that of Nora Roberts (who I commend for taking a stand) and Jenny Crusie, among others.

Peter Jennings, ABC news anchor died last night. He suffered from lung cancer. I have to say, the day I heard him announce his condition on his newscast, it gave me shivers. He sounded exactly like my Dad, who also died from the disease. Also like my Dad, he’d been diagnosed with another respiratory problem instead of cancer at first. This type of cancer is evidently difficult to diagnose. I had disturbing dreams last night because I heard the news right before I turned in. God bless his soul, and his family. Maybe he and my dad can meet up and have some good conversations in Heaven.


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