No news is….

Well, no news. Nothing new to report here. No answers on my e-mail queries yet, and it’s too early for answers on the snail mail queries.

I read in the RWR last night on the pros and cons of blogging, and what makes a blog a good thing and successful for a writer. Consistency in subject matter is one thing that stood out for me.

I’m not consistent about much of anything in my life except my love for my DH, my family, and my Diet Coke. Should I attempt to be better about my blogging life? hmmm…..I don’t have a book to promote yet. If I did, I wouldn’t promote it here, since I am doing this blog under an assumed identity. (Or so I believe. If you know who I am, SHHHHHH!) I did it that way so I could blow some steam. If I get published, I think I want a blog, but I will do a totally different one. And when I do it, I’m going to make it about the books. Personal information, you know, way personal, I feel creepy about putting out on the WWW. Nonsense, okay. That’s cool.

So…as DW, I have a blog. But evidently, it isn’t very interesting, based on comments and counter stats. Do I want it to be popular? Well, yeah, kinda. Does it devastate me that it’s not? No not really. Maybe I’ll try to be more writer-friendly, interesting.


Maybe not.

2 Comments on “No news is….”

  1. Suzanne says:

    You can be consistent about being inconsistent!!! Hey, that’s a valid form of consistency! :>

  2. Hey, yeah, I guess it is! 🙂

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