Well, I DID get that haircut. Both Lazy Girl and Inner Diva are happy, though ID is already nagging me to do my roots. I suppose that’s something to do for the weekend. But someone told me the cut made me look thinner and younger, so it’s all good. 🙂

Also won a disagreement with my health insurance company over something the policy said was covered, but ended up being denied. Whoo hoo! So today’s a pretty good day.

Now I need to open my writing program and pull up my manuscript. Can anyone explain to me why it makes me feel queasy? Am I afraid this one will languish too? Can I just forget about wanting to sell and write for the love of it? It’s in my blood. My whole family is creative, and I just discussed this with another writer today. So why am I stifling myself, why am I so afraid?

A while back, I did something called Fast Draft, which is along the lines of Book in a Week. 20 pages a day is the goal, no matter what. And my CPs said it was some of my best writing ever. I felt so productive.

So, this Sunday, I am getting with my writing challenge loop to start a new Fast Draft-like challenge. I AM. Really. May I be denied chocolate and Diet Coke for a year if I don’t.

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