Here they come

Well, got word on the noon news today that our city is expecting 1000 evacuees from the Texas coast. We’re ready, and stocked up. I pray that this hurricane doesn’t prove to be as deadly or destructive as Katrina.

I have long time friends from all over the world on an online loop that have asked after those of us that live in Texas. My area won’t be touched by the weather, we are really far away. The concerned query reminded me though, how many people do not have any idea how big Texas is. You can drive 16 hours from one end of our state to the other, and still not cross the state line. You can fit 5 New England states within our borders. And we’re bigger than England. We still ride horses, and carry guns, wear Stetsons and jeans. But we also know who Diddy is, have high-rises, and oodles of modern culture. We just put our own spin on it.

Not that I’m ridiculing people for not knowing, because if I were to travel somewhere I know nothing about, I’d be unaware myself. For instance, if I DID ever make it to New England, and someone wanted to hop over to one state or another, I’d be wondering how many hours it would take, when in reality, it would be a quick trip.

I’ve got my fingers warmed up, so I’m going to open my manuscript now. No rejections in the mail today.


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