Anna Deavere Smith, In Her Shoes

No, not in Anna Deavere Smith’s shoes! I’m refering to the movie IN HER SHOES, adapted from the novel of the same name by Jennifer Weiner. I’d read the book and enjoyed it, and while reading it, formed a picture of Cameron Diaz in my mind as the wild sister before I even saw a trailer. Cool. I enjoyed it because it had a well-rounded range of emotions throughout, and ends are tied up neatly. Yes, I like good resolutions in the characters. That doesn’t always mean happy endings, but a good character growth and learning experience.

Now about Anna Deavere Smith…I saw her on Oprah today. She was a familiar face, as I’d seen her in movies and on television, but I had no idea she is an author and a university professor as well. To quote from the Oprah Website:

“She’s now sharing her advice on making a living in the arts in her book Letters to a Young Artist.

Two key qualities of an artist, Anna says, are presence and inquisitiveness. Oprah has presence, Anna says. “It’s the feeling that the person on stage is sitting right next to you,” Anna explains. Another important trait of an artist, Anna says, is curiosity. “Being an artist of any kind—whether you’re just a guardian of the human spirit or whether you’re trying to create art that is meaningful in the world—is about being insatiably curious.” “

I am intrigued by what she had to say, and am really interested in her book. But I have to wait till February for its release….

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