Brrr! It is CHILLY in this house. I even have my comfy sweats on! I’m going to have to start that fireplace I think. Maybe I can get cozy and get some more work done on my manuscript. Or take a nap. That sometimes seems irresistable on the days off from the dayjob.

Did you have many trick-or-treaters last night? We didn’t. And when the big kids started coming, the ones who didn’t even bother to dress up, we turned off the light and shut the door. But the kids who did come were extraordinarily polite. “You have a nice house.” “Thank you, and have a happy Halloween.” “Have a nice night.” In my neighborhood, it hasn’t always been the norm to have polite kids, so the change was refreshing. Even if they were buttering us up for candy. 🙂

I wasn’t going to do a Jack O’ Lantern, but there was this pumpkin at the grocery store the other day, and it was PERFECT. Absolutely perfect. So, it went home with me. Then, I wasn’t in the mood to carve it out. There it was though, sitting on my kitchen counter, silently repremanding me from denying it the fate it was meant for. So I carved it. Just the regular old smilin’ Jack. Nevertheless, it beamed at me from the front porch, leaning forward eagerly with it’s smile flickering warmth for all who approached. Maybe that’s why everyone was so nice. Maybe I harvested a magic pumpkin out of the produce bin.

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