Rest in Peace, Fancy.


6 Comments on “Rest in Peace, Fancy.”

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Rest in peace, sweet Fancy, and April and John, know that you did the right thing. Even though it’s the hardest thing. I had to put down my 18 y.o. cat 2 years ago and it just about broke my heart. But he was in pain and had fear in his eyes–even though he stayed true to his strong, obnoxious self to the end.

    Our little animal friends are too precious to let go and too precious to keep in pain.


  2. Thanks, Gabrielle. I’m sorry about your kitty too.

  3. Dear, April, I’m so sorry about Fancy.


  4. What a sweet little face! Why is it our beloved pets give *us* so much, and all we can do is end their pain? Believe me, when you hold them close and you know they’re gone, that’s the worst feeling in the world….I still remember my little Corky, and how much love he gave us even at the end. We cried for hours. I *still* miss him! Poor Red and John, I hope your memories of Fancy will tide you over and bring you a smile when you need it most.

  5. Thanks, Crabby. She still makes us smile. John is wearing her collar as a bracelet. He is so sweet. I crumbled too when he said, “We got her at Christmas, and we’re losing her at Christmas.” Poor baby…

    I remember when you told us about your puppy, and I hate that you had to go through that.

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