A Silly Giggle

Thanks for the fun idea, Bonnie!

A visit to the Snow Gallery is a blast! And another way to procrastinate, for those of you desperate to find a way to avoid writing for another few minutes. Make your own snowman (or snowDIVA.)

Finished up the Christmas shopping today. Even the stocking stuffers. Haven’t wrapped a thing yet though. We haven’t even put up Christmas decorations this year…the first year I haven’t. But I’m not alone, I’ve heard the holidays got away from many of us this year.
But I’m making up for it next year. I’m already plotting.

I have a Barnes and Noible Gift Card in my wallet, and I can smell the leather burning. I am holding out for the Big Day, to see if I have anymore coming my way, so I can go spend them all at once. All of my family knows how much I like to read!

And y’all, I have made myself a nest! I bought a thick, cushy mattress topper and a fluffy down comforter , and I get all warm and snuggly with a good read and am all set. YUM.

The weather here is cold and damp; we had some snow flurries yesterday, but nothing stuck. Which is fine. Tonight it’s foggy, and with the Christmas carols wafting through my iPod, I’m finally getting a twinge of the Spirit of Christmas.

Now, I need something warm to drink, and I’m grabbing that book….


4 Comments on “A Silly Giggle”

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Oooh, a BN card! Does life get any better? I just got word that Amazon have shipped me some books: The Day The World Came To Town (about the flights that stopped in a small Canadian town on 9/11 and how the town met the challenge) and a fun chick-lit read. Oh, I dooooooo love books. Just as well 😛

  2. Books, books, books….nothing’s better than a book in your hand and a pillow behind your head, wrapped in flannel sheets and a quilt. What kind of mattress topper? I’ve been looking for one myself for the Crab Cove.

  3. I got one on eBay, it’s a fiber-filled (easier to wash, I hope) and has compartments so the filling doesn’t move around unevenly. It’s about 2 inches thick! We sleep like babies!

  4. chryscat says:

    The nest sounds absolutely wonderful!!! I want one! *grins*
    I hope you get lots and lots of gift cards and find wonderful books!

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