Resolutions ? Schmesolutions!

I’m going to share a reply I posted on one of the sites I contribute to, Romantically Inclined:

Generally, I try not to make resolutions, because I’ve decided, uncharacteritically pessimistically, that it is setting myself up for failure. I mean, why put myself through the grief? I’m not being a drama queen, no matter what my natural tendencies. I’m trying to be realistic. Why should I resolve to do something against my nature?

Lose weight? No, I’m tired of beating myself up when I miss the boat on my overly high expectations in that area.

Keep a nice straight house? Again, against my nature. Clean yes, uncluttered, forget it. I’m a clutterer. Isn’t that a sign of genius anyway? Or so I read somewhere. Or maybe I dreamed it. πŸ™‚

Sell a book? Hey, how about finishing the one I’m working on? Maybe, probably, perhaps.

I know, I’m not really being a Mary Sunshine here. And I should be more uplifting.

Well, I’ll tell y’all what I try to do instead of resolutions. I have “try to do betters.”

I will try to discipline myself better to producing more pages per week.

I will try to do better about picking up after myself.

I will try to cook better. (Yeah, right!)

I will try to be healthier.

I will try to find a good fit for the work I have completed.

And about a million other things. The main one is:

I’ll try to not beat myself up about the expectations I have for myself that I didn’t meet. Because I’m me, and I am , repeat after me, an okay person. πŸ™‚

Yes, very cliche there at the last, but why not? πŸ™‚

Happy New Year, everyone!

2 Comments on “Resolutions ? Schmesolutions!”

  1. chryscat says:

    Try to do betters are just fine, woman. And that’s a great place to start.
    Clean house? *snickering* Not over here, believe me.

  2. Keely says:

    Ancient faery saying: A clean house is a sign of an unfinished manuscript.

    Good Luck in the new year, Red!


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