Family Stone Cheaper By Sideways Anchorman

Hehehehehe. I’ve been catching up on movies the past couple of weeks.

The Family Stone: This one was billed as a comedy. I’ve been quick to tell people that it is NOT a comedy. They obviously thought it would get a lot of people into the theater that way. And I’ve heard more than one person who’d plunked down full price to get it come away disappointed. So if you plan to see it, go in knowing that it is more of a family drama laced with humor, love and a healthy dose of reality. Personally, I liked it. It’s emphasis is on the characters and their complicated familial relationships , enhanced by plot rather than plot-heavy. Which I’m a sucker for. I laughed, I sighed and cried, too.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2: A very nice family film. Bonnie Hunt and Steve Martin play off of each other very well, and all those kids do a terrific job! Funny, and touching as heck!

Sideways: What’s the big deal? I really don’t see the hype. The actors did a fine job, but it was EXTREMELY slow. The best part of the film was when the lead character was describing his affinity for the pinot noir grape, and it was a strong metaphor for his own characters’s traits. Other than that, I really didn’t care for the movie that much.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy: Everyone needs a stupid movie now and then. This should fill the bill nicely. Has some laugh out loud moment, and some so stupid it’s hard to watch. But I’m not sorry I rented it. I don’t care if I ever see it again, though.


One Comment on “Family Stone Cheaper By Sideways Anchorman”

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Yeah, I didn’t get Sideways, either–seemed like a lot of whining to me, although I did laugh a few times and I liked the scenery…

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