Random Refund

Random House is offering a refund to people who are disillusioned with James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces. Only if the reader ordered direclty from them, however. ARTICLE

And the ‘Net is hot with discussions about the news (reported by The Smoking Gun and subsequently picked up by the mainstream press) that a lot of Mr. Frey’s “autobiography” was fabricated. At least, some of it is said to be embellished. Some are mad that they were tricked into believing this man’s story, others shrug it off and say that no matter what, it’s a good read.

Well…good read or not, the man misrepresented himself to get sold. and is getting massive publicity he doesn’t have to pay for. (*scratching my head* I hope my dishing about it doesn’t help him out) If it is a good read, then wouldn’t it have sold just as well as a fiction novel? It kinda chaps that those of us who follow the rules and aren’t published that this man has made oodles and boodles of $$ by being a liar. And no, most writers aren’t liars, thank you very much Miu at A Socialite’s Life (look uder “Nibbly Things” mid-page.)

I’m not jealous. I’m disgusted.


3 Comments on “Random Refund”

  1. Keely says:

    These sort of shenanigans would never fly in the Faery World.

    “True” is a Boolean operative. If even one thing is amiss, then True does not apply.

    Non-fiction is a True story. 100% true. Embellishments and exaggerations make the story NOT true. This has never been a difficult concept to grasp before 2006.


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  3. Anonymous says:

    just what are “the rules”?

    Frey wrote a form of truth that was compelling enough that it sounded just right to folks. the problem right now is that people want Verifiable Fact… like the man was exactly what he wrote. but if he lived it in his brain, and was talented enough to get people to *feel* it, then how is that not some form of truth?

    misrepresenting is plaigerizing, or writing something so that it doesn’t feel true, or misappropriating culture, not writing fiction that blurs the line with nonfiction. that line is something that has been explored and written over for centuries.

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