Random Ramblings

Today’s my day to post at Romantically Inclined, hop on over there to see what I have to say about the importance of a Circle of Support. There’s also a week’s worth of posts by our guest blogger, author Shane Bolks/Shana Galen that are really a great read.

Lately, I’m hooked on actor/comedian/writer/director/producer/host of the Late Late Show Craig Ferguson. This guy is so funny! He’s another one of those celebrities a person feels like they could just go up and speak to like a regular person. I watched his movie THE BIG TEASE this weekend. It appealed to the CF fan and the hair designer in me. It was pretty good! Not one I would watch over and over, but definitly good for a grin. He has a book coming out this spring entitled Between the Bridge and the River: A Novel.I am looking forward to reading it.

I watched another movie this weekend, BEING JULIA with Annette Benning. This one is based on W. Somerset Maugham’s “Theatre” adapted by Ronald Harwood.It was really good. A little slow to start, very literary, but I loved the way Julia came into herself eventually. Very craftily done.

Who watched 24?! Oh my gosh, I just have to love Jack Bauer. I can’t believe the turn of events the very first episode. Sheesh. I can’t hardly believe it, not David Palmer! And Michelle?! How could they do that?! She and Tony just got back together! And that DoD daughter, she more or less turned on Jack, now she’s all overwhelmed by her lingering love for him? Pu-LEASE.

Is anyone else hooked on Grey’s Anatomy? How about Sandra Oh getting a Golden Globe? I was so happy for her.

Speaking of Golden Globes, I am so thrilled that WALK THE LINE got best movie in the Musical/Comedy category (though I don’t really get why they lumped those togther) and Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix got awards too. YAY!

I’ve been catching up on Geralyn Dawson’s Bad Luck Bride’s series. I don’t know how I fell behind on these, but I managed. The sitiation is close to being remedied. I’ve also fallen behind on my Susan Kay Law stories, but have just bought a mess of her books too, so I’ll catch up before long.

And the final though of the day: Lime green. Who decided that “lime green” referred to the inside of the lime, and not the outside?


2 Comments on “Random Ramblings”

  1. Keely says:

    I don’t know. Does avocado refer to the inside or outside? Depends on how ripe it is, I guess. LOL.

    Jacquie aka Keely
    Keely’s Faery good Advice

  2. That’s a thought too…hmmmm

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