Frey on Oprah

So. James Frey, author of A MILLION LITTLE PIECES, is scheduled to be on Oprah Thursday. So is his editor, Nan Talese, and several other journos. It should be interesting. I can tell you, I suspect Oprah will still stick up for Frey, saying what a good book it is and how it wil save people, blah blah blah. Good on it if it does.

Well it may be a good book, but the fact is, it shouldn’t have been labeled a memoir. It’s more than just “subjective” memories. He LIED. And Oprah’s going to say, oh well, what does it matter? Well, it does. And the fact he’s trying to shove off the responsibility of how it was categoried is bunk. There is such a thing as integrity. He could have called it a novel based on actual events, but to say, look what a miracle I am, that this happened to me and I survived…he presented it as FACT, and well, if the documents and info The Smoking Gun uncovered is true, then his claims are LIE. At least parts of it are. It’s the principle of the thing. And if Oprah says so what if he lied, then how can we trust her to tell the truth on everything? What if people imagine she doesn’t think lies matter if it gets her where she’s going?

hmmmm. Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE Oprah. I was even on her side when she came to trial here in my town over the beef with the cattlemen. (Get it? Beef with the cattlemen? Uh, oh well. Saying she’ll never eat a hamburger again ain’t going to keep me from them–and obviously, to look at me, it HASN’T.)

I just don’t agree with her on everything.


One Comment on “Frey on Oprah”

  1. I don’t agree with her on everything, either.

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