It sure is Monday

Okay. Got my red PT in the shop (Some guy lost a ladder on the freeway and I ran over it. Lovely.) and some other errands run. My fave soap is on, but I can hardly keep my eyes open because I stayed up last night until I finished Linda Castillo’s Dead Reckoning, and then had to get up a couple of hours later to meet an early morning appointment. Idiot. I should have put the book down, it would still be there today. But it was so GOOD.

Agent 007 has an interesting outlook on Frey-gate. GalleyCat tells a little bit about the after the Oprah show carnage on Oxygen.

If you want to know what the inside of a floppy disc looks like, Ballpoint Wren has an obliging dog named Mojo that’s been kind enough to let us in on the secret.

Keely at Keely’s Faery Good Advice now has an e-mail list for advice for the love-lorn.

For another shot of inspiration, I’ve re-read Suzanne McMinn’s article about The Importance of Dreaming Big.

Britta Coleman, author of Potter Springs, seems to be on the way to a busy 2006! If you can, catch one of her workshops, they’re FANTASTIC!

One Comment on “It sure is Monday”

  1. April, Dead Reckoning sounds so good! When I have a good book it’s almost impossible to put down, even though I know it’ll still be there later. I have no self-discipline.

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