Well, it got cold today. No moisture, but it DEFINITELY got cold. My fingers are stiff, and I am uncomfortable, even though I have the heat turned up. I’ve been this way since I woke up! I want to just curl up under my down comforter and call it a day. Good news is– I finally got to wear the coat I got for Christmas!

Oh, please forgive me if I misspell sometimes. Often because it’s because I type too fast, but I also have a little help.


4 Comments on “Brr”

  1. Wah! That’s so cute!

    Sometimes my cats want to sit in my lap. The laptop is warm and they try to climb on it but that’s a BIG no no. Ruins the whole cat/human moment.

  2. Thanks. She’s a real sweetie! Unfortuately, sometimes she likes to swish her tail across my keyboard, which makes for interesting sentences!

  3. Gabrielle says:

    What a sweet pet! Don’t you love it when the kitties “help”?

  4. chryscat says:

    But I LOVE your help. LOL
    My kitties like to bat at my feet while I’m trying to type. I wonder what it is with them?

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