I watched them, despite my reluctance this year. I was concerned it would be a big politics mire. I always have saved time for the Oscars, it’s like my Super Bowl. I thought the set was fabulous, and most of the ladies and gentlemen dressed really classy. For a change. I think Jon Stewart did a great job, and I was pleasantly surprised that they kept it about the movies and didn’t overwhelm it with politics. Yay Reese! She was so gracious and classy! Not to mention well-deserving. Reese Witherspoon’s thank you speech was gracious and genuine. Can you believe back in the press room, all they could ask her about first was her dress, and if anyone else had ever worn it? One reporter even asked her if having a great family and support system all her life had been a liability to her in her acting career! And though I didn’t like the song, those guys who won were the only ones who thanked God first in their thank you speech.

I felt bad for Lauren Bacall, who is still elegant and classy. She seemed to either be unable to read the prompter, or lost her place. She fumbled a bit, and there was even an uncomfortable few seconds of silence while she gathered herself. But she recovered beautifully.


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