Have you ever…

…after a rushed morning at home, looked into the mirror at work and thought I can do (look) better than this?’

…heard that in your hometown, a garbage collector found a severed human head with no matching body in sight while compacting his truckload yet the police aren’t yet considering the find a crime?

… had such good news you couldn’t wait to tell a friend (even if you know they are practical and bluntly forthright anyway) and then they rain on your parade by reminding you something could still go wrong?

considered that yelling and cheering on Jack Bauer while watching 24 might confuse your dog if he’s NAMED Jack?

…been around someone that needed a serious attitude adjustment because they only had negative responses for everything said in a conversation, or opinions about persons, places or things?

…been driving home at dusk and in passing glance out your left window and catch a silhouette of someone looking outside, then wonder what they’re thinking?

…listened to your grandmother talk about the past and wished you’d known her ‘when’?

been surprised to hear the words “tallywhacker” and “hammer” in the same sentence emerge from your grandmother’s lips? Along with the phrase “if someone ever hits me, they better hit me hard, because they all have to sleep sometime.” (She was talking about a co-worker she’d once had who’d been abused. Needless to say, my Mom and I have never had to worry about that, being brought up with that kind of reasoning.)

…been surprised to learn something pleasantly surprising about your spouse, after you’d thought you’d known him through and through? Keeps things interesting!

…been uplifted to see strangers come together to help and comfort one another in a time of need?

…prayed for a miracle, and had it come true?

…been amazed at the brilliance, unfettered joy, and complete innocence of a child?

…wept with strangers for their heartbreak?

…dreamed a dream so vivid that it scared the snot out of you, reminded you of loved ones, or delivered a message?

7 Comments on “Have you ever…”

  1. Haven Rich says:

    Do we win a prize if we’ve answered yes to more than a few of those?? Sorry I haven’t dropped by for a few days but I’ve been hard at work on Isabel’s new design for her blog.

    In any case, really enjoyed your blog on both of them.

    Hope you have a wonderful day,
    Haven Rich

  2. Anonymous says:

    April, you inspire me.

  3. Gabrielle says:

    Wonderful list! I wish I’d known your grandmother ‘when,’ too–what a spirit.

  4. She’s an extraordinary woman. She’ll be 95 in September!

  5. Oooh, you’ve got some good genetics, April. Lucky you!

    On the last question, I have dreams that scare me so much I have to get up and walk around to shake them off. And sometimes they’re so bad I’m too scared to get up and walk around.

    That’s what hubbies are for: to snore comfortingly after you’ve had a bad dream, and to be nice and warm for you when you come back to bed.

  6. Jennifer says:


    Thought provoking questions! I love the one about catching a glimpse of someone staring out a window and wondering what they’re thinking. I do that all the time. Maybe it’s a writer thing! Is your old email working now?

  7. Thanks, Jenny! No, dang it, I haven’t got that all worked out yet. I’ll send you my alternate address. 🙂

    Thanks for reading my blog!

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