Once again, touching base…

It seems I’ve just either been covered up with stuff to do since vacation, or I’m sleeping! But I wanted a to post a pic of Dodger for those who’ve asked. Yes, we bought him a car seat. He prefers to ride in my lap, which is what he did on our Cruise to Red River (details still coming up) but he’ll ride in it while were going around town. He can’t ride in my lap, since he’s grown a bit, because it’s dangerous and my PT is a stick shift. Besides, I paid for the darn thing, he WILL ride in it. Better to train him now that he’s a puppy. Even then, he’s better at this than the housetraining yet. That is still a challenge.
He was a hit at the Cruise the Rockies event. He probably thought everyone had come to see HIM, for all the attention he got.

Isn’t he PRECIOUS?

Here’s a tidbit for those of us having a bit of difficulty getting stuff down on paper:

And here’s a good article about Nora Roberts.

3 Comments on “Once again, touching base…”

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Oh my LORDIE, he’s SO sweet, April!!!

  2. yeah, he’s a sweetie!

  3. Cute, cute, CUTE!!!!

    Mini doxies are so funny, but awfully hard to housetrain, I’ve heard. Almost as bad as BULLDOGS!!! Heh!

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