I found it, I found it!

lls_pg_0081.jpgI know, I could have gone to Amazon but there’s something about finding one on the shelf…what, you ask? Craig Ferguson’s BETWEEN THE BRIDGE AND THE RIVER. bridgeriver0.jpg

Now, I hope I enjoy it. He warned his Late Late Show audience that it was “naughty” which was a nice way to let people know it wasn’t tame, supposedly like network TV is. I bet I will. The intro pages already have me hooked. I mean, listen to this:

This is for Milo, a love so big I couldn’t run. And for his great-great grandfather Adam.

I mean, how sweet is that? (For those that don’t know, Milo is his five-year-old son.) Among the five things he lists on his second intro page is :

SCIENCE: The laws of physics state that given the mass-to-wingspan ratio of a bumblebee, it is impossible for the creature to fly. But it does.

Oh, I’d heard that about the bumblebee before, but it’s cool he likes that reference too. If you didn’t catch his Sept. 11 monologue, visit his website and enjoy! It was fabulous.

Can’t wait to read it, it’s getting GREAT reviews.

Had a nice weekend. It started Thursday, actually. Visited my MIL’s book club with author Britta Coleman. That was really fun, and I enjoyed visiting with Britta again. (Be sure to pick up a copy of POTTER SPRINGS, it’s a great read. Visit her website, and her blog too! ) I really miss her since she moved away, but if she hadn’t I might not have met another friend…

Candace Havens. Candace’s CHARMED AND READY, another great read, was released earlier this month. I posted about Candy a couple of posts back. She’s really great! She has a website with a blog, too.

Both gave workshops this weekend that were really great. If you ever get a chance to take part in a workshop of theirs, jump at it.


4 Comments on “I found it, I found it!”

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Thanks for the link! I loved what he ahd to say. Will have to check it out daily because, well, you’ve heard this from me before: French TV sucks!

  2. You tell me about so many great books!

    And you really get around to the author meetups. I am developing a serious case of desperate envy.

  3. Gabrielle– I try hard not to miss his show. It’s a good day to wrap up the day.

    Bonnie–I’ve been very blessed to meet and make friends with a wide variety of writers. They’ve taught me a lot.

  4. […] April of Desperate Writer, on the joys of the used book store. (Edited to add that April just moved to WordPress.com!) […]

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