Oprah’s trippin’

The past couple of weeks, I’ve watched Oprah and her friend Gayle traipse across the country, taking a road trip to experience the country and see how others live. Now keep in mind, when Oprah was here when the cattlemen sued her, I thought the lawsuit was ridiculous. So just because I live where I do doesn’t mean I hold any prejudices against her. BUT here’s what I’ve noticed so far:

Oprah is spoiled rotten. She hadn’t pumped her own gas in over 20 years. She didn’t know how to check into a hotel. It’s amazing how many “normal people” things she turned her nose up at. And to me, how I see it, the whole trip has been a lot of making fun of people along the way. She absolutely LOVES people making a fuss over her when she shows up at their place of business. When she showed up at a yard sale in Oklahoma, however, no one batted an eye at her and her entourage, and she couldn’t understand why. Well, it is weird they made no comment about all the people and cameras at a yard sale, but still.

I guess I should feel sorry for her, because from what I’ve heard about her early years, Oprah didn’t have the opportunity to travel by car for vacations the way we did when we were kids.  Mom and Dad always made sure we had a great time, and they taught us how to stop and enjoy things along the way, and make the most of our time together.  And when things went askew, we learned how to manage them and take them in stride.

Oprah needs an entourage to help her travel.  I should think, for a woman who seems so proud to have accomplished so much, she would want to look more capable and self-suffcient on screen.

4 Comments on “Oprah’s trippin’”

  1. Bonnie says:

    I think you described her very well. I mean, I love Oprah, but she IS spoiled rotten.

    That whole Hermès store incident is a great example. If you or I saw that a store was closed, we would just come back when it was open, or at the very least, shrug our shoulders and move on. But she took it as a personal insult, as racism even.

    I think she’s so insulated from real life she has forgotten what racism really is. Real racism is NOT being told to come back when the Hermès store is open.

  2. desperatewriter says:

    Very good point! It wasn’t racism, it was spoiled ROTTENism.

  3. I don’t watch Oprah. I used to, and liked the show, but leave it to me, I liked it best when her ratings were lower than they’d been for years. She’s okay, but I get very annoyed at the big push for wealth she foists on us all, saying we can all be rich if we just want to be. Yeah right. It’s like that Susie Orman friend of hers. The only person making money off that woman’s books is her.

    (Dontcha just love Bonnie Wren, though?)

  4. desperatewriter says:

    Oh, three is that, too, Lesia! Yes, Bonnie is a sweetheart!

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