What a week!

Well, I’ve been absent, and haven’t had a lot to say when I was here…because I worked this week like I had a real job! Um, I do have a real job, but it’s not like a real 9-5, it’s by appointment only, and some weeks, the appointments are further between than others! That’s the hair biz, and after 23 years, I am used to it. But God blessed me with an exceptionally busy week, and I am grateful.

cvr_tasteofhome.jpgMy Sis-in-Law and I went to a Taste of Home cooking school last Tuesday. Toddler went too, and she was so good, especially for the amount of time we were there. Anyway, I have been to one other, and it and this one made me excited about cooking for about a week. I try, you understand. I am interested in the whole IDEA of cooking. But it’s either a patience factor, or short attention span that causes me to usually mess up my meals. Sometimes, I do walk away from something bubbling on the stove, just to check my e-mail, and oops, I lose track of time and burn it. DH is right, it does help if I stay in the kitchen. And the fact I am a picky eater doesn’t help. Picky in the sense that I don’t really care for veggies, except for the starchy kind that can make me good and fat, and there’s just a bunch of good food I don’t like, and wouldn’t know if it tasted good or not. I wish it were different, I really do. I’ve tried to eat them. But they make me gag. Maybe I haven’t tried hard enough. Oh well. Naturally, I’m better at making baked goods such as desserts, breads and cookies. Those I’m interested in. Back to the cooking school– they make it all look so easy. Not to mention all the neat gadgets thaey have in the vendor booths at this thing. I LOVE gadgets. Another thing that gripes me though– in all these neat recipies I find, there’s always something out of the ordinary that I have to put on my shopping list. Which I make in my head usually, and that’s getting faultier, and I end up forgetting the special item I wanted to get. Don’t distract me–oooh, look, something shiny! POOF! My mind goes elsewhere, like to the magazine rack, beauty products, whatever. Raw washed sugar? Oh, drat! Forgot it. But I did bring home a new shampoo…

The weather is so wonderful! It’s my favorite time of year. October is always a very good month for me. I met my husband in October, I got married in October…Tonight when I rolled my groceries out to the car, the sky had turned orange, pink and purple as the sun set, and the air was crisp. The faint scent of woodsmoke was in the air, those who are lucky enough to have a fireplace are putting them to good use. As I feel the cool breeze on my arms and feel it’s slight sting on my nose, it reminds me of all the fun times I’ve had this time of year. Marching at school football games, working at the high school haunted house project with DH, goofing off with friends. Halloween, trick or treat, jack o’lanterns…the crinch of leaves beneath my feet. And let’s not forget, falling back an hour on the clock. My favorite time change! I can’t believe the month has flown by. When I was a kid and wished Christmas or my birthday would hurry and come, Mom always said not to wish my life away, time would pass fast enough when I got older. How right she was.

What makes it go by so fast now? When I was younger, time seemed endless. Was it because I wasn’t on a bill-paying schedule? Didn’t have a work routine? Or hadn’t forgotten how to make the most of my days?

I suppose that’s enough rambling for now. Just wanted to check in, and say howdy.


4 Comments on “What a week!”

  1. Bonnie says:

    Howdy, April!

    I remember October in Texas, and it was my favorite time of year, too. It’d finally cooled down, but it wasn’t cold yet. Everything felt crisp.

    I’ve been working hard, too, but none of it is bringing in any money! Sometimes I think this volunteer stuff is just for the birds. (Heh! And I’m a Wren!)

  2. desperatewriter says:

    Volunteer is a synonym for sucker, Bonnie! I continually find minself volunteering!!

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  4. Jacquie says:

    Doncha know about the short attention span. Luckily, my dh thinks charcoal briquettes are one of the food groups.


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