Yummy from Mummy!

Mom just got back from vacation, and she always brings back goodies for her kids. Lucky us!

This Holiday Signature Collection soap Vanilla Bean Noel is a mixture of Vanilla Bean, Caramel and Cream. YYYYYUMMM.

Then there’s the Wickedly Hot Chocolate three-in-one bubble bath, soap, and shampoo. Oh, I tell you, I’d almost be glad to have my mouth washed out with that!

Crazy Caramel Corn body cream, Spicy Gingerbread body wash, Pecan Passion…I think I’ll go into a bather’s coma! I’ll never get out of the tub now.

And one of the places she always goes when she visits East Texas is Jefferson.  One of the main stops there is The Old Store and Fudge Shoppe. A huge selection of unique and old-fashioned candy, and fudge.  It also has antiques and other eclectic food items.  I could stay in that store for hours!  And yes, we got great goodies from there, too!  Not to mention the Jefferson General Store. That place looks like it did in the old days, with the exception of modern products.  The atmosphere alone could sell you anything.

Then there’s the Blackburn’s Jelly outlet.  We’re stocked up again!

And they found another candle outlet, too.

So things are going to be smelling and tasting good around our house!

2 Comments on “Yummy from Mummy!”

  1. Suerreal says:

    Hi! I just found you over here, and figured out how to have a feed from here on my Google homepage. So I should be checking in with you more often now!

    Sounds like a good haul from your mom! Aren’t moms the best?

    – Suerreal from Talk Amarillo!

  2. desperatewriter says:

    Yes, I think they are! Good to see you, hope to see you again soon.

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