Are you a Superhero or a Sidekick?

So, DH and I are watching our latest Netflix pick, Sky High. In this, the son of the most powerful Supercouple in the universe is sent to a special high school for fledgling superheroes.

Right off the bat, the freshmen are sent to the gym, where they are classified as Superheroes or Sidekicks, or, as they refer to it, Hero Support. (PC has evidently invaded our fantasy lives as well, it would seem, though mockery of it is evident in this instance.) But my mind wandered, as it inevitably does.

smallville2-tb.JPGI thought, “Am I going to be a Superhero in my writing life, writing every day, really working at it and loving it, and doing things to get myself published, ormack1-tb.JPG forever doom myself to being a Sidekick, someone who only lives on the fringes of others successful writing careers, always the one at critique group without pages to read, always the one to go to booksignings wishing it were me who people couldn’t wait to read?”

Clark or Chloe? Batman or Robin? Which will it be?

season2-lex-computer2.jpgAlong the way, like the freshmen in Sky High, I have run into my own Bullies. Those, human or imagined, that said I am kidding myself, and don’t have what it takes to be a writer. The ones who stand in my way, create diversions, hurt my feelings. The ones who reject me, make me dance to their tune with their guidelines and ever-changing requirements. The one who invent reasons I don’t have time to write.

The weird part is, the biggest bully is myself. I am my own worst enemy. I do most of those things myself. Well, except for those pesky agents and editors and their quest for that “certain spark” they are looking for in their writers. NEWSFLASH: It is time those rejection letters let go of that cliche. See, I’m looking for something more in my rejection letters. Something that fits in my house, something with that, well, “certain spark.” OOPS.

What if I’m like the son of the Supercouple? What if I haven’t found my super ability yet? What if I find myself lacking in comparison to the other travelers on this journey? Will I, one day, find it when faced with my biggest bully, myself? What will it take for me to finally put my nose to the grindstone? When will I discard my feelings of failure, and pick up the torch of writing for the love of writing again, and let that carry me to where I eventually want to be?

4 Comments on “Are you a Superhero or a Sidekick?”

  1. Bonnie says:

    I liked that movie. I don’t know why it wasn’t more popular.

    I’ve always felt I made a better “sidekick” than a “superhero” so if you need a sidekick, I’ll apply for the job!

  2. Suerreal says:

    Interesting question. But relying on superpowers can be limiting, too. I got a lot of mileage as far as college application essays writing about how I found a lot more satisfaction in shaving off tenths of a second to achieve very mediocre times in swimming competition than in the As I never really had to work for. Sometimes, the real satisfaction is in the struggle.

  3. desperatewriter says:

    Heh, Bonnie, you’re more like a superhero!

    Suerreal–That’s a good point. Maybe when I make it, I will enjoy it more having had to work for it!

  4. Ciekawy blog, dodalem go do ulubionych, bede tu wpadal czesciej

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