Fa la la la la . . . .

img45.gifChristmas shopping. EEK! I went out with Mom and Granny Christmas shopping the other day, and I had a good time. Really. I mean, it’s a life-long tradition. Nowadays, We push Granny in a wheelchair because of her arthritis. We tease her about how much we like to push her around, and what a great pack mule she makes for all the shopping bags.

The mall was surprisingly busy for a Monday afternoon. Out of all those people, most were full of Christmas cheer, from the Salvation Army bell ringer, “Be careful, it’s like going to the Fair in there” to the Hickory Farms guy who was glad to help with a gift who people would be sure to steal during the Chinese gift exchange game at Mom’s company party.

But there were some real ring dingers too. What is it with people who are close walkers,img8.jpg anyway? I mean, where you can practically feel them breathing down your neck they are in such a hurry to get by you? It’s RUDE. And inconsiderate, especially since we are helping my 95 year old grandmother in her wheelchair. No patience or consideration whatsoever. GET OUT OF MY SPACE. Merry Christmas. We ran into it leaving the parking lot, too. The light had barely turned green, and some junior brat honked for us to go, then sped around us as fast as he could. He got to the next red light first. Good for him. Merry Christmas.

The bell ringer was right though. It was kind of like going to the fair. Lots of people watching. 🙂 And since DH got his bonus, he’d shared it with me, so I was geared up to shop. But I didn’t buy a blessed thing that day. I could hardly believe it myself. I don’t know . . . I was all ready, then poof. I think it was mainly because we started out at Penney’s, whose air conditioner was apparently broken. It was an oven in there, and I’m no good when I get too hot. Then, I realized I am so out of mall-shopping shape. I haven’t really gone to the mall since I quit working there several years ago. I mean, I’ve gone, just not on an everyday basis. I’ve taken advantage of the resurgance of the strip mall. Another sign of my evolution, I guess. When I was in high school, in those wonderful 80s, you couldn’t get me out of the mall. Then I worked there, for like, another 10 years.

Tuesday, I went shopping again, and this time, I blew my budget. But I’m almost done!



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