Well, I’ve been absent again! Last week was a very busy week. Spent a lot of time with the family, as my Brother and his crew readied for their big move. They left Saturday. I miss them already.

And I’ve been busy at work. Lots of stuff to get done…where does the time go? Been making up for a lot of snow days, which is good…the bill collectors like it when I earn money to pay them.

Bonnie, as usual has been posting a lot of great stuff. She’s so clever! Even in in ear-infected haze, her outlook is entertaining.

gtb-mmpb.jpgA friend sent me a post card about her upcoming novel, GROUNDS TO BELIEVE. You should check it out. Shelley Bates has a great voice and never fails to entertain.018-103253-d-156_webprev.gif

And seriously? A week is entirely too long to wait until the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Poor Merideth is going to drown by then.

And how about Desperate Housewives? Huh? Think that’s the end for Orson?

Gotta run!


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