Valentine’s Day plus 3

How was your Valentine’s Day? Mine was nice, all around, even if it was cold and cloudy and slippery and snowy. My Mom gave DH and I a nice card and some candy. I went to WalMart to do my V-Day shopping, and when I left, I saw something heartwarming. At the stop sign exiting the parking lot, the lady in front of me fish-tailed on the ice and bumped the truck in front of her. The occupants of the truck got out, and when the other lady made to leave her car, she slipped right down onto the ice before ever getting upright. The truck folks made to help her, and after inspecting the bumpers and determining there was no damage, the truck people hugged the car lady. Wasn’t that nice? Instead of getting all hot and angry? The poor car lady went back to her vehicle, and *bing* she made eye-contact with me, and turned as red as a tomato. Ooops. I guess I should have made an attempt to pretend I wasn’t watching, but of course, I was. I mean, I was in line behind them to leave the parking lot, I had to watch, so I could know when it was my turn to leave. Poor lady.

Then that afternoon, I saw a news report where a family who’d moved to Oregon had had their moving van with all of their possessions stolen. Evidently, a Miami Dolphin’s quarterback, Joey Harrington, a University of Oregon alumni, heard the news, and went around getting donations from various businesses regarding household appliances and furniture and then went shopping himself to help the family get a fresh start. He brought the news and the items to the family in person, along with a laptop computer, a printer, a fax machine, and a $3000 gift certificate from Nike.

How cool is that?

Then that afternoon, my husband brought me a dozen roses, a wonderful card (he always picks the PERFECT cards) and we went out to eat. Since it was snowy and icy, the restaurant was practically deserted, and we didn’t have to wait! After that, we went to Hastings and browsed the music and books.


100_1265.jpgBut one of the neatest things, is I finally got DH’s blessing (and not just a surrender to my nagging) to get another Mini-Dachshund puppy, so Dodger will have a companion. She will be ready in about two weeks to bring home. She’s a little doll, too! But that means we’ll need to get Dodger fixed pretty quick now. I have NO interest in breeding. Ick. I’ll leave that to others. Anyway, it’s been a sore subject for us, because he had been saying NO. And NO and NO. Then all of a sudden, when I made a joke about it at dinner, he wasn’t so rigid about it, and TADA! We have a new puppy on the way. It wasn’t a grudging okie dokie either. That’s what made it better. Now I don’t have to be a rebel and do what I want to do anyway and have him mad at me. šŸ™‚ Anyway, the puppy is from a litter that another writer friend of mine is getting one from. So we’ll get to compare notes on their growing up. šŸ™‚ She’s naming hers Harry. We don’t have a name for ours yet. I thought it would be nice to have hubby name her…the one he’s come up with so far is Hermione . . . Oh. I just got it. I was thinking Harry from When Harry Met Sally. DH was obviously thinking Harry Potter…. Well, we’ll see. Hermione is a mouthful when you’re yelling at a pup to stop eating your socks…But maybe it is kinda cute…

Bonnie was too busy for a Super Sabado this week. Perfectly understandable, what with the swim meets and all. An Gabrielle has taken a hiatus from her blog for awhile. *sigh*

I guess I’ll grab a book and cuddle up. Not that that’s a chore or anything!

OR, I could switch on the TV and sneak a peek at news reports about Britney Spears bald head. Evidently, she went into a salon yesterday and asked the stylist to shave her head. The stylist refused, and Brit grabbed up the clippers herself and went to work. NOT IN MY SALON, SISTER. Hands off my clippers. But if it had been me that had been asked, I would have shaved it. Heck, why not? šŸ™‚ I might be smart enough to get her to sign a release form first, though. Personally, I think the chick needs a time out. And for more than a day, too.

3 Comments on “Valentine’s Day plus 3”

  1. Gabrielle says:

    I’m back! And I’m loving your new puppy–I think you should name her Doll šŸ™‚ Glad you had a good VD, and thanks for sharing the nice news–I’ve had enough of the rest.

  2. desperatewriter says:

    Thanks, Gabrielle! I’ve missed ya!

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