Just a quick question….

Okay, it’s no secret that I’m not a Victoria’s Secret kind of girl. I would love to be, and I bet DH would love for me to be, but those just aren’t the facts of life for me right now. Besides, someone has to be the girl who buys her unmentionables at Wal*Mart, six to a pack, and I’m perfectly okay with fulfilling that role.  Though they aren’t remotely close to La Perla, they are nice enough and fulfill my need completely. And since I do laundry with about the same finesse as I cook (Hamburger Helper tonight, folks!) and in the physical shape I’m in I avoid strutting around in my skivvies like a supermodel in a catalog, it’s probably just as well that I buy these nice, serviceable garments at America’s favorite affordable store.

What I want to know, as I reach for the pack to rip it open, is why they come in a “New, now re-closable package?” I mean, is there some reason we might need to use the package again? Do people actually re-roll and re-tape the undies every time they do laundry and store them in these nice, re-closable packages?

Perhaps the selling point is more about having mercy on those that stock the packages, lessening the frustration of all the times packages have been ripped open in the store so shoppers might un-tape and unfold the garment, only to swear that their butts aren’t that big and half-shove them back into the package with haphazard abandon. At least when the tired, over-worked and under-paid clerk has to straighten her department, her job might be a little easier. That’s the only solid reason I can think of.

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