According to Maggie Shayne, Attitude is Everything.

Or so she says in this blog entry at Story Broads.

And it really is, isn’t it? I would do well to remember it. And I can tell a difference myself, too, when I approach a day with a positive attitude. Like attracts like, doesn’t it?

And how weird is it, just when I am running across this subject, I run across almost the exact same words on another website? I was watching the Biography Channel, who featured James Van Praagh, the medium who is an executive producer of the Ghost Whisperer. I was curious, so I checked out his website. I click on the link for inspiration, and this is what I see:

“When someone says or does something that is hurtful, we tend to hold on to the hurt and harbor ill will toward the person. From the standpoint of psychic energy, this is a mistake. Carrying an emotional hurt encourages and feeds the negative thoughts and feelings we have about it, and this sense of hurt permeates our space. As I have said many times, like attracts like. Therefore, we will attract similar elements of equal negativity to ourselves. The sooner we allow ourselves to go through the feelings of anger and frustration when hurt, the sooner we can let our pain go. And with letting go comes the true healing step: forgiveness.”

This is a quote from his book “Reaching to Heaven – A Spiritual Journey Through Life and Death”

So, do you think someone is trying to send me a message? I admit, one of the hardest challenges I face in this life is letting go of the hurt I feel when I am wronged, or see myself as wronged. That’s right. When the movie THE GRUDGE came out I thought it was about me. 🙂

rofl3.gifHa ha, ha ha..heh heh..uh…ahem. Anyway, if it were an Olympic sport, I’d at least bring home the silver.

It’s no coincidence those nearest and dearest to me often say “get over it” and “let it go.” Not a very flattering thing to admit, I know. But maybe it’s a redeeming feature I at least recognize a fault or two. How wise it is to blog about it, perhaps not so much. But since I’m no master at masking my feelings, those same near and dears know this about me already.

THE POINT IS–I should just let it go already.


One Comment on “According to Maggie Shayne, Attitude is Everything.”

  1. Bonnie says:

    April, you crack me up!

    It’s hard for me to let go of the bad things, too. I could get five compliments, but if I get one little complaint, that’s all I think about.

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