About Don Imus

I think what he said was awful, and I don’t condone the practice of speaking like that about people. Any people. On the other hand, I think he is being publicly flogged and symbolically lynched, and I think that is also deplorable. He should experience some professional admonishment, and make the offended parties heartfelt apologies, not just because society expects him to, but because he is sincere.

Frankly, I think Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should butt out, and leave it between the basketball team and Imus. That those two jump on the bandwagon and seek to grab glory where they can, presumably on the behalf of African Americans is insulting and disgusting. If they were to be fair, they would jump on all people who are insulting to people of color, including those within the African American society. They are making it so that no apology will ever be good enough or ever be believed. They don’t seek justice, they seek punishment and revenge through humiliation and belittling.

I think the guy was trying to be funny, try to make some twisted kind of contemporary remark and failed miserably.

But Mike Straka states these claims better in his column.

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