Ahhh, Spring



041307.jpgThis is used to be the carport of someone who lives a couple of blocks41307a.jpg from us. DH got the tree we lost cut and put in the alley yesterday. And around town, the clean up041307b.jpg continues.The next to pics are also from the same winds that took our tree.Meanwhile, we had 8 tornadoes in the Panhandle last week. Two of them ripped through two small communities, tulia42107.jpgleaving devastation in their wake.I can remember when a little girl, Mom loading us in the car andweather042107.jpg taking us to the underpass that is near our home ( I say is because I still live in the same neck of the woods) when the tornado warnings came around. Mostly, I think that we did that because of the threat of hail. Evidently, people are still doing it!

I have to say, for the sake of responsibility, that one should never take refuge from a tornado underneath an underpass. We didn’t know about that back then, and like I said, it was mostly because of the hail anyway.

30545_256.jpgstorm-damage_0555.jpgstorm-damage_0558.jpgRemember how I told you about Mom’s car being totaled by softball sized hail a couple of years ago? So park the car, then hit the ditch!

But today was a lovely day. I spent some time

in the yard, mowing and trimming my prickly pear cactus. I felt great! I think the fresh air and sunshine was good for me. I spend way too much time indoors. Not to mention how good i felt after mowing the yard. Think there’s a message there? Get out and get some exercise, maybe?

This evening DH and I went to see our one of our nieces on his side. Tween had a dance recital at her middle school, and she did a fantastic job. I was taken by surprise; when she came on stage, I actually teared up a little! What the heck? Where did that come from?

Anyway, it was sweet to be there, at a school function. It’s weird, to be the one in the audience. Since we have no kids of our own, we haven’t yet had much experience with that kind of thing. When we were in school, DH and I were in the band, and we were the ones on stage and on the field. Oh, and how I remember how self-conscious I was, even in the group situation. And I could see it in these girls. I just wanted to tell them dance, baby, have fun! Don’t worry about the faces watching! Tween was pretty good at this. She’s a confident kid, and kept her smile bright the whole time. And you could see her having fun!

At my Mom’s suggestion, I bought a rose and took it with me. DH arrived separately b/c of work, so I gave it to him to give to her, and you should have seen her face! She was tickled almost as pink as the rose!

That’s about it…it feels good to feel good. Mom thinks I have been depressed, because all that we’ve had happen to us this year. Maybe I have been. Because yesterday, I had to stop and recognize it when I realized I felt good, and enthusiastic about plans for the next day. It was like I said a brief hello to a long absent friend. And I had the briefest itch to write, a real glimmer of enthusiasm. I didn’t do it. I should have seized upon it and dropped everything. But I didn’t. I would like to try to keep this momentum going…

2 Comments on “Ahhh, Spring”

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Glad you’re feeling good 🙂 Sometimes it takes coming out of a depression to even realize you were in one. Why don’t you pick up “The Joy Diet”? There are some good habits in there for keeping the happiness going.

  2. desperatewriter says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, Gabrielle! That sounds like a diet I would want to stay on!

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