Domingo Delicioso #2

Another beautiful Sunday underway! Hope everyone had a great week!

Mine was good. Not blogging wise, I kinda copped out on that one. But decent.

Well, if you don’t count my own personal WMDs. That’s right. Those adorable little Doxies I call furbabies are actually weapons of mass destruction in disguise. I SWEAR. (That’s not just an exclamation. It’s a verb.) Laughing, cuddly, poopie and tinkly four-legged shredders.

tivounplug.jpgThis wasn’t this week, but, when Hermione chewed through my TiVo cord, I counted to…okay, I didn’t count to anything, I had a fit and stomped off to WalMart to buy a new Cat 5 cable so DH could replace it.

When I plugged in my vacuum cleaner and the outlet sparked and smoked,100_1560.jpg I discovered that Hermione had chewed on the cord, so I asked DH to fix it, and he obligingly got out his handy dandy electrical tape and went to town. Twice. The third time, not so lucky. I now have to take it to get a new cord, and pray it gets out of the shop in time for Mother’s Day, because my mother-in-law is coming over for Sunday dinner and I HAVE to super clean the house. Mom and Granny are cool about that stuff, they understand me and my lazy ways, and while MIL is not snooty or mean about it, she has remarked on things once in awhile when she notices them. She hasn’t mentioned seeing dust since the time I handed her a rag and told her to help herself, though. *sigh* I love her to pieces. She just sees it then says it.

100_1562.jpgYesterday, I came home and DH was rocking in his recliner, but had that scary-quiet thing going on. You know, the one where you just feel it? The terrible twosome had struck again. A couple of our DVDs, from the bottom shelf, met their fate between the Jaws of Doom. And they would be two of his favorite. 100_1559.jpg

And today…they victimized themselves. There goes the bed. I know who starts it all. Hermione. Dodger is a mere amateur in comparison. He’s chosen his own water bowl, the odd shoe here and there…but Hermione? Sheesh. She’s more efficient than my cross-cut shredder.

100_1565.jpgWhen I read about Dachshunds when we first got Dodger, they suggested crating the pups at certain times in order to train them. Oh, we won’t need that, I thought. I couldn’t stand the thought of confining them to a crate. But I’m at the point now that we have to confine them somehow. So I’m going to go get another baby gate (a sturdy one; Dodger ate the other one we had when he was a baby) and have it in the kitchen doorway to confine them there while we’re away. They won’t be pleased, but they will have to get over it. So will I. Tough love. I would have them outside while we’re not home, but we don’t have a fence that the skinny-minnies can’t get through. And while Hermione’s timid outside of the house, Dodger’s a runner. Outdoor supervision is essential.100_1563.jpg

But I love my babies. I look into their wittle wuvable faces and they cuddle up against me, and I melt. So I’m going to have to find a way to discipline them and curb their tendencies, if only to save our sanity. I know the Dog Whisperer would recommend more exercise, because they are bored. So we will have to try to be better about that, too. (It couldn’t hurt me, either.)

So I’ll remind myself that in the long run, it doesn’t matter that Hermione somehow got into my under-bed storage container and tore up my commemorative issue of People with Princess Diana on the cover, and – – gulp – – one of my 1977 collectible Elvis magazines wasn’t totally destroyed. And really, it’s ironic that the newspaper with the headline that O.J. was found not guilty ended up slashed and scattered across the bedroom floor.

They’re just…things….

Well, enough of my diatribe. Let’s look at what a few others had to say this week!


…i’ve added another notch to my “sexually conquered” countries!

Hey, Look, Cyn found Nemo! And, um, bliss from her list!

P.S. It is hard to develop a thick skin when it comes to our writing and the criticism of it. It’s something we all have to work to maintain every day!


“I enjoyed it but I also get the feeling I should take my teeth out and put them in a glass to soak now.”

Sarah, you and the other SBs are a hoot! P.S. Videos or E-Books just don’t quite do it for me when it comes to as long soapy soak in the tub. Gotta have the paperback!


“I’m kind of fond of the strange people in my head. They can stay.”

Sam— I like my head people, too.


“So, have you done it? Feels great, doesn’t it? At the very least, it must reduce stress and frustration.”

Suz, So much of what I wish I could say isn’t blog-worthy! But so much of what I do say gets me into trouble anyway….


“I figure you can’t be cranky in the morning if your pants are yelling at you.”

So says Honey. Who also has also come to the conclusion, “Never trust a liar with the fax.” Too hilarious! πŸ™‚


“I know what some of you are thinking, but it has nothing to do with sex.”

Yeah, Steve, sure. And wouldn’t it be nice if people really were looking to throw money at us for no reason at all? πŸ™‚


“I began by thinking hard about what world I wanted to inhabit for the next few years.”

Eloisa, I seem to always live in my own little one! πŸ™‚ But you are spot on about how we have to live in the worlds we create as we write fiction. P.S. –Congratulations on the great review!


“For He will give His angels charge concerning you,
To guard you in all your ways.” Psalm 91

Amen, Groovy. I pray for your friend’s recovery.


“…others will lift eyebrows and say: it didn’t work for me.”

Bernita, it is indeed a wonderful feeling to nail a passage when we write it. And truly satisfying to read a passage where I can totally identify with the emotions presented.


“This is not my beautiful life…this is not my beautiful house…of course, I’m my own beautiful wife, but that’s not the point.”

I feel ya, Angie. Sounds like we have the same laptop! Anyway, I planned to go to the conference, too, but just can’t see where I’m going to have enough $$!


“I don’t remember much of the rest of the trip, as I was focused on not falling into the water and drowning because of the pain.”

Ouch, Ms. Karen! I feel your pain. My own folly was dancing on the carpet in tennis shoes…CRACK! Not even the tequila numbed the pain!


“Running away? Coward.”

Oh Kathleeeeen….Why? ____________________________________________________________

“If you know this works for you, WHY DON’T YOU DO IT CONSISTENTLY?? You keep saying you’re going to do it, so do it already.”

You know, Jenny, I still wonder if she hires out! But your words this week have motivated me more than anything in a long time. Thanks!


“Still, I like the idea of love later, with pesto on the breath.”

Ahhh, dink, what a nice bit of wistful whimsy!


“Vampires exist. I’ve met them. In fact, I’m related to some.”

I’ve run into them too, Jaye!! As for Trevor, go get ’em!


“Really? That’s what floats your boat? Knock ’em dead.”

You know, Gabrielle, I agree, the subtleties of passion are often more exciting than blatant overtures.


“I just never thought “illegal caviar” was a problem here in Indiana.”

Um, well, Elizabeth G. I wouldn’t have thought about that either! P.S. I eat the cookie dough anyway. πŸ™‚ ________________________________________________________________

“And now I think it’s best to leave before somebody in a walker keys my van.”

Looks like Bonnie almost got roughed up by a mean, vicious gang…better be careful in that neighborhood BW, those types are unpredictably predictable!


“I will not go to bed with Rachel Caine ever again.”

Candy, I enjoy those all-nighters too. πŸ™‚ But the next morning is the pits.


“I think he’s simply one of the best songwriters ever.”

I agree, Britta. πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen him live (as a True Texan I shouldn’t admit that) but I want to!


“…his hands always “give out” before I’m ready for him to be done.”

Yeah, Judy. *sigh* We all know what you mean. Well, we do! And before y’all GASP, get your mind out of the gutter! (Was too. You know it was. πŸ™‚ )


“I call it a Dick Car.”

Oh. Well, they’ve kinda grown on me, Lachlan. πŸ™‚ P.S. – – I’m glad I don’t commute! And “massage/no sex” worked for Ted Haggard…oh, wait, no. He went to rehab, didn’t he? There’s going to be a LOT of rehab in D.C. (See clip below!)


And now, a little Craig to lighten your day!


12 Comments on “Domingo Delicioso #2”

  1. Steve says:

    Domingo Deliciso #2 is a good read and a good laugh. Good work again.

  2. Judy says:

    Good job, again, on DD#2. Y’know… when Bonnie comes back y’all are going to need to tag-team or something. Off to read some of the blogs I’ve not visited before. πŸ˜‰

  3. Judy says:

    btw, we had dachs when I was growing up. How old are yours?

  4. Bonnie says:

    Yay, April! Another GREAT job!!! Although I feel your pain about the TIVO and other chewed stuff, I do, I do. The only thing I can say is…


    Oh, and i buyed u a pespi.

  5. desperatewriter says:

    Thanks, Y’all! I would love to tag-team with Bonnie.

    [b]Judy[/b]–Hermione is 4 months old, and Dodger just turned a year.

  6. Jaye Wells says:

    Thanks for another great installment. As for the feud, secret meetings have occurred and there may well be a cease fire soon. Stay tuned.

  7. dink says:

    Fun stuff D. W!

    Thanks. And your pooches are adorable. yep.

  8. Kristen says:

    Great DD#2!

    Excellent work and precious pups.

  9. Gabrielle says:

    Yeah, get those 2 out running around, that’ll help curb their chewing tendencies. Good luck πŸ™‚

  10. Honey says:

    Fantastic work!! I’m so very impressed! πŸ™‚

  11. sherry says:

    Groovy makes mental note. Do not buy weeny dogs. Husband will SHOOT weenie dogs. Must have a totally non-annoying pet.

  12. Ms. Karen says:

    Very good Domingo Delicioso. Your dogs are adorable. But all that chewing… are you sure they’re not rabbits in disguise?

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