Okay. We just made an appointment with an adoption agency to learn more about the process. My stomach is all flippity-floppity. I’ve been trying to read up on adoption, but there are so many what ifs.

What if we don’t qualify?

Can we face another disappointment?

What if a home study doesn’t go well? Why wouldn’t it?

What if the money doesn’t come through?

What if they reject us? I’m not good with rejection…

So many things. Ugh. We won’t know ANYTHING unless we step out there and learn more.

Iā€™m nervous! This adoption agency’s information kind of came into our path like it was meant for us to look into it. Is this the direction God wants us to go? We want to be parents, and we have a lot of love to give a child. We have prayed for a family, yet have suffered the loss of two babies this past year. Might we be blessed if we follow this road? I’m so afraid of the unknown, yet ready to face it. I think we’re both afraid to get our hopes up again.

I pray that we might be blessed, and hope that it is God’s will for us to have a family.


12 Comments on “Butterflies!”

  1. Keely says:

    Of course all will go well. You are wonderful! If anyone does or says anything that makes you unhappy, I will zap them good and proper with faery dust, and not the good kind, either. So there.

    Life is inconvenient when you cannot use apostrophes, but they do not seem to work–keep getting Quick Find, whatever that is.

    Oh, well. ZAPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!


  2. Ms. Karen says:

    Sending positive energy and some calming thoughts your way.

  3. desperatewriter says:

    Thanks, y’all!

  4. God cares about the orphan and the widow. He cares and is pleased when a family wants to care for and love an orphan. He WILL bless you!

  5. desperatewriter says:

    Thank you, Groovy! šŸ™‚

  6. Angie says:

    It is scary, but I’m sure it’s gonna work out just fine. We’re considering being foster parents, so I kinda know what you’re talking about (although for us, the process includes all sorts of lovely stuff like fingerprint clearance cards and criminal history affadavits and letters of reference, too!).

    I’m convinced that where there’s love, there’s a little one who will find his or her way to you. Be patient, both with the process and with yourselves. It’ll be worth it!

  7. desperatewriter says:

    Thanks, Angie. I wondered about fostering, but I can’t explain it, I just kind of want to try this first.

    I hope all goes well with you and your process!

  8. dink says:

    Best of luck dw! And to angie too.

  9. squirrel says:

    I guess i’m missing out, I don’t watch any of those shows!

  10. squirrel says:

    Ok I messed up I left the commnet above on the wrong post!

    Good luck with the adoption, it’s a loving thing you all are trying to do.

  11. desperatewriter says:

    That’s okay, Squirrel! šŸ™‚ Thanks!

    I know, I watch too much TV. *sigh* But I LIKE it!:)

  12. Bonnie says:

    Wow, April! HOORAY!

    Adoption can be a tough road, but you are a tough lady AND YOU’LL BE A GREAT MOM.

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