Domingo Delicioso #4

Howdy, folks! I know, I know, I’ve changed the look again. I like to move furniture around, too. I just really wanted to be able to change up the picture in my header once in awhile, so I picked this layout for now. I really liked the Fjords layout, but the print was so small!

Hope your week was pleasant. It was pretty quiet here. So I got plenty of TiVo watching done! Had to wrap up all those season finales! 04.jpgStill have a few to go…but it’s going to be a long summer to wait to see what happens with Izzy, George and Christina, not toclick2007.jpg mention Clark and Chloe.

It’s too bad, but I don’t think Lana was really in that truck. I can’t STAND Lana.

banner-uglybetty.jpg And did they really kill off Santos, just as he was stepping up to the plate? What a powerful ending. What about Betty’s Dad? They left that wide open, didn’t they?

I’ve also been watching Shear Genius. It’s been fun to watch a reality hair show that actually has things an everyday salon would encounter. Well, mostly. I’m not going after anyone’s head with hedge-clippers…no matter how much I want to sometimes.

Last night, Making the Cut premiered. This show is based in the Vidal Sassoon education program. And let me tell you, I wanted to go through the screen and throttle Chantal, the annoying, bratty, right-out-of-high-school chick who thinks she’s all that. I guess I’ve spent my time working with women like that, and as I lay there blooping the TiVo through this show, I came to the realization that I’m too old and have been doing hair too long to put up with that crap. At least I have a remote for this chick. πŸ™‚ That would’ve come in handy about 20 years ago. But I think it’s going to be a good show.

The thing about both of these shows is that it’s kind of like a refresher, and a re-motivator for my own work. So, actually, it’s TV that’s good for me, I suppose! I’m reminded of my enthusiasm for my chosen career, and indeed, remember it is my career and not just the dayjob that brings home the bacon. Well, some of the bacon. Okay, a slice of bacon on a breakfast biscuit every Saturday morning on the way to work. Whatever.

Anyway, here’s a feast of friends in this week’s Domingo Delicioso!


“…Demi Moore was trying to sell me a cantaloupe the size of my house…”

Ms. Karen,sounds like you needed about 45 minutes to clear your head before running for the train!


“When the sun goes down they come from miles around to score some dink.”

Vampires, dink? Just adds to the adventure. πŸ™‚


“…The Boy goes “Oh my god you smell so good” without fail whenever I use it. Total winner…I’d better keep my eye out for those 2 for $30 sales! Bastards.

Again, Glitterati, I gotta get me some of that. And doesn’t it figure? Price gouging, that’s what it is! πŸ˜‰


“I just need to remind myself that I have absolutely no objectivity at this point–this point being the “I suck” phase.”

Yeah. I’m with you–ooh, look, something shiny! Oh, sorry, Jaye. I guess you can say that I’ve been there, too!


“In case there was any doubt, yes I am whining. “

Aww, Kathryn, you’re entitled! Hope today finds you better!


“At one time in my life, I thought I had a handle on the meaning of the word “service.” “

Watch out! The next time you hear the phrase ‘at your service’ you’ll think about Bonnie C.’s revelation!


“It’s been a few months since I finished DOPE, and I still catch myself thinking about Joey.”

Angie, thanks for dealing us the straight dope on this one. Sounds like I’ll be addicted to too.


“So there you have it, the tale of how 2 garden-variety Australian moggies came to the city of lights.”

Moggie? What’s a moggie? Yoo Hoo, Gabrielle!


“What makes you want to put a warning, hazardous to self sticker on yourself?”

I think these should be issued at birth, Kristin!


“Joep proceeds to create several craters on the kitchen counter tops with his forehead.”

Oh, Kathleen. HEHEHEHE. With entertainment like Calvin, who needs a TV?


“For a moment I wondered if I’d been squished by an 18-wheeler and deposited in a Hell staffed by demons on mufferless Harleys.”

Heh. I’m glad for the traffic here, Bonnie. Our city is hosting the HOG Texas Owner’s Rally this weekend, and over 3,000 motorcyclists are revving it up. _________________________________________________________________

My big challenge is to try to think like a man without going over completely to the Dark Side…

Tell me about it, Loretta!


“. . . drum roll please . . . there will be an actual, real paper book SOON!”

Keely, this is FANTASTIC! Congratulations! A toast to you and your scribe, Jacquie!


“HER OUTLAW is Emma’s story, and it tells what happened to Emma after she ran off to Scotland with the notorious outlaw Dair MacRae.”

Oh, Geralyn, thank goodness I found your blog! I’ve been waiting for this title!


“However, I can eat food at room temperature if it’s meant to be that way; I can eat cold or chilled food if it is meant to be that way; but I cannot stand tepid or cold food that is meant to be hot and the Italians have an irritating habit of serving it in such a manner.”

Sometimes, we all have to play the Goldilocks card, Welshcakes Limoncello! How else will we get pretty ice cream? P.S.–Sounds like you have one of those man-diva stylists!


“The Evil Voice of Doom and I Had a Little Chat Yesterday…”

Groovy: you get needy, then the EVoD shows up just to rub salt in the wound every time! P.S.–I like Joyce Meyer too!


“My heart tells me, it’s time for a short vacation.”

Me, too, Steve. Except make mine a long one.


And Happy Birthday, Craig!


9 Comments on “Domingo Delicioso #4”

  1. Groovy needs a new layout!

    EVoD: No you don’t. You’re just being a malcontent.

  2. Kristen says:

    Perftect Domingo Delicioso.

    Thanks for leading me to some great blogs.

    Have a great week.

  3. Gabrielle says:

    A moggie is slang for “mongrel.” You know, your average kitty. Oh, sure, call them domestic long/short hair, but they’re all moggies underneath. My favorite kind!

    Hey, I’m going to have to check out Shear Genius. And I’m off on my own blog to rant about Grey’s. STUPID SHOW!!!

  4. Ms. Karen says:

    I like the new layout, a lot. Very colorful and kind of intimate… personal… there are people in the picture. (Note to self: no posting comments until the caffeine has kicked in.)

    Thanks for the mention and the leads to some more great blogs.

    Good job!

  5. Steve says:

    Your furniture changing looks good. And a long one sounds better than a short one.

  6. Bonnie says:

    April, I’m late, but I’m here and dang, I like the way the site looks.

    And there’s no way you’re riding a Harley in L.A.!!! I think you’d fit into that gal’s pant leg. Trust me on this.

    You could be in one leg, and I could be in the other! Heh!

  7. desperatewriter says:

    Heh is right! I don’t know, I’m pretty substantial. πŸ™‚ What I meant to say on your site is that I’m grateful we don’t have L.A. traffic, because we’d have been surrounded by over 3000 Harley riders all weekend! They were at every intersection and every direction as it was!

    Thanks, everyone, for chiming in about the site and DD. I’m having fun doing it!

  8. Thanks for the mention again. I like the new layout, too.

  9. dink says:

    I like how your blog looks!

    Thanks for including me in Domingo Delicioso 4.

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