Domingo Delicioso #6


Ahhh, a beautiful day for Cruisin’! We packed up the cars and headed over to the Borger Beach Bash today. We’ve been really fortunate this spring with the rain, and the countryside is beautiful! Here are a few of the wildflowers we passed along the way.

Today was supposed to be the first run of hauling our new trailer behind Phantom Cruiser. We haven’t taken it ANYWHERE yet. And guess what? The trailer had a flat! And we didn’t have a lug wrench that fit the trailer wheels either. Mr. Man wasn’t happy. Can’t say I blame him. So he hauled all the the rear deck display stuff in the Cruiser, like we did last year, when we went to the PT Cruiser event in Red River. Where our display won favorite car, 100_1571.jpgwhoo-hoo!


Some of you might not know (and some of you might be tired of hearing about it!) but Mr. Man and I are PT CRUISER enthusiasts. He has a black one themed after Phantom of the Opera, which is the one we show most often, and I have a red one, Texas Red, themed after Texas.

Anyway, today we went to this nearby small town, and it was really nice! Mr. Man took his car, and I went after hopping over to the salon to do a couple of clients. The sky was the bluest of blue, and the temperature was just warm enough that the intermittent breeze was welcome. The organizers of the event had hauled in a big load of sand, dumping it in the center of Main Street where a volleyball net was set up. A large pile was left to the side, to the delight of the young ones who delved into it like pirates looking for treasure (or rum!)

Someone brought a miniature train, the engine of which had to have been an old lawnmower engine, and the cars were made of red, white and blue half-barrels. Again, another hit with the kids! Most of them, anyway. Some of the younger ones weren’t quite sure, as evidenced by their wails and snotty noses!

Vendors of all kinds were there, selling all kinds of trinkets and food. Can you believe I sampled some deep-fried Oreos? Come on down south, y’all, we’ll fry anything! I had to try them…but from now on, I think I’ll stick to my Double-Stuffed Oreos and cold milk, thanks. The heavenly cold iced-tea was like nectar as we sat under our canopy and watched people of all sorts pass by.

It had been years since I’d been over to Borger; when we were younger, our parents took us to a nearby lake and canyon quite a bit. Even then, we didn’t go into town much. So when it came time to leave, and I got separated from the group because of traffic lights, I made a wrong turn. Or rather, I should have turned and didn’t. Pretty soon, I came to the point where things didn’t look familiar around me, and I pulled over. Hastily, I rummaged through my glove box, hoping I’d left my handy-dandy little map inside. To my relief, I had. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty hard to get lost around here, but I’m not very experienced traveling alone, and I was uncertain the road I was on would get me home. I didn’t want to turn back if I didn’t have to. But a glance at the map told me that if I kept on, I’d get to where I wanted to be eventually. And the drive was so pretty, I was glad I went on the unfamiliar path.

The green, wildflower-speckled prairie dipped and serpentined on this stretch of road, andhistory53.jpg the azure sky and its cottony clouds played hide and seek with the late afternoon sun. I watched the shadows chase each other, and was pleasantly surprised when I passed by the simple gate of the historic Four Sixes Ranch.

Kinda made me feel good, driving through history like that! Actually, the whole drive made me feel peaceful. After I realized I wasn’t really lost, I mean. Zoomin’ down the sparsely occupied road, tunes cranked, air-conditioner set just right, beautiful scenery, and cold iced-tea…Perfect. Especially when I successfully tamped down the voice that nagged me with “I’d better not get have car trouble out here all by myself.”

The icing on the cake when I got home was that Hermione and Dodger hadn’t escaped their pen and nothing was mauled or shredded!

All in all, a good day. The kind to spur creativity!

Speaking of creativity, I have a couple of creative cousins. Check out their bands at these websites: Springcreek Bluegrass Band and Cellus and the Loose Grip

And now–more creative people heard from!


They’re probably thinking, “Can something that smells so horrible come from ME?”

Oooh…flashback! I broke mine the night before my 16th birthday. But it was worth it. They guy who I was watching instead of my teacher as I roller-danced took me out to the pizza place after…..thanks for the memory, Ms.Karen! (except for the stinky part! Phew!)

. . . even when we were faithless, HE remained faithful. He has not allowed either of us to walk away from His Love and Truth.

Amen, Groovy. And I’ve had my outspoken moment in Church myself.


I looked at her out the bus window as we roared away and thought how a little Neldam’s went a long way with everybody. Maybe it was the butter.

So does kindness, CornDog. 😉 You probably made her day!


It’s all very well having shrinking feet: I want the rest of me to follow suit!

Double drat, Welshcakes Limoncello! Everything on me keeps getting bigger!

Talk about being scared! From what i’ve seen so far that kid can’t drive for shit!

Sounds like a lot of lessons are going be taught around your place, Squirrel! Swimming, driving…


Beautiful sunny day, Parisiens can be all sulky and dour; raining cats and dogs, woohoo!

Ah, Gabrielle! Must be that French part of my family tree that we don’t admit to that often–I LOVE rainy days! More energy, better mood…


This little story leads neatly into my topic for today: fatal and near-fatal testosterone poisoning in the human male.

Hehehehehe…served the daring duelists right, Elizabeth. Hope your testosterone victim didn’t suffer too much!


a Muse that’s being ill-treated won’t hang around for long. She’ll run off and go help somebody else, and you’ll see the book you half-imagined writing, authored by someone else, climbing the bestseller lists.

Or else she’ll sick the Furies on you, and make you eat a lot of Twinkies and cheese. Either way, it’s not a good path.

Ooohh…I never thought of it that way, Alisa….wow.


That was it. I will never buy that product again. I am writing to the company. Smoke is still coming out of my ears. So tell me . . . what commercial drives YOU insane??

Ah, there are so many, Alesia. So many. But the Burger King guy really makes me lose my appetite…

Cheers! (or giggles, rather!)

5 Comments on “Domingo Delicioso #6”

  1. groovy says:

    Those babies about did me in. Sheesh, I need to fix my mascara now!

    Mm and I had a PT for over a year. I LOVED it, but he sold it and bought a Subaru wagon. He said the Cruiser made him feel too conspicuous. I think a themed PT would totally overwhelm him! I, on the other hand could happily drive a “Groovy” PT until my dying days. Maybe once the van is ready to pass on…

    Alisa scared me, so I’m going to run off now and give my Muse a neckrub and some chocolate!

  2. dink says:

    I get a big charge out of it when people talk about what they love (collections/hobbies/activities) and this post was a ton of fun to read …as well as the rest the of D.D.6!

    Thanks D.W. 🙂

  3. Steve says:

    When I was out visiting California a few years ago, I saw a sales lot with after market curisers. They had wood paneling on the sides. Really looked super.

  4. Ms. Karen says:

    Fun post! Even though I’m not a big fan of the PT’s, I can appreciate doing fun things like t hat.

    “and I went after hopping over to the salon to do a couple of clients.”

    Ok, I totally misread that. I thought you hopped over to the SALOON to do a couple of clients… oh, so very very TMI kind of wrong…

    “Kinda made me feel good, driving through history like that! Actually, the whole drive made me feel peaceful. ”

    Been in that situation, and yeah, once you realize you can get to where you need to be, discovering new places totally rocks.

  5. Steve says:

    That’s neat. Putting it on Ebay is fantastic. Hope you hit paydirt.

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