Don’t give up!

I have lota and lots of new stuff to ramble about, but don’t have the time or energy to post about them today.  I’ve had Toddler all week, and am getting a crash course in what my Brother and Sis-in-Law know about 2 1/2 year olds!

Right now, she’s asleep, and I’m hitting the TUB!


2 Comments on “Don’t give up!”

  1. Ms. Karen says:

    Oh, yeah… toddlerhood. Everything you know about toddlers one day, is obsolete the next.

    Enjoy your rest. Toddlers tend to wake fully refreshed and ready to go, usually before any adult in the area realizes they are no longer napping. (At least it’s like that with girls. Boys are noisy the moment their eyes are open. Girls are sneaky and quiet.)

  2. Squirrel says:

    Toddlers are a handful! I’m glad mine are older now!

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