Domingo Delicioso #10

Got a surprise this weekend–Toddler and her Mommy came to town because her Mommy had a baby shower for a very good friend to help with. And Mr. Man and I got to babysit ALL DAY. So, guess what this Delicioso is going to be about?

Some Things I love About Toddler:

  • I love her sense of humor. I was reminding her today about the consequences of naughty behavior, and when I said,”Do we have a deal? Wanna shake on it?” Toddler shook her whole body instead of my hand.
  • I love that when I told her that I loved to laugh with her and that she is so funny, she giggled and said, “Yes, I am.” The girl knows her own strengths!
  • I love that when her back itched at the park today, she leaned up against a tree to scratch it, despite her pretty pink dress.
  • I love that when we were at my other Nieces’ birthday party (on Mr. Man’s side, one was 13, the other turned 1!) that Toddler made sure and handed the baby her gift.
  • I love that when we were at the playground she called the slide and climbing contraption her Fairy Castle. And the way she shook the tiny pea gravel out of her sandals the way a cat shakes off water from her feet.
  • I love that even though she couldn’t reach the monkey bars to swing across them without my help, and was kind of afraid even when I did hold her as she “swung” through them, she did it anyway, despite her fear. (10 times, at least.)
  • I love that when the older, 8 yr old boy came to the slides to play with his Hot Wheels, Toddler was quick to pick his cars back up and hand them to him, thinking he’d dropped them. (The boy was nice, really nice, but I think he probably didn’t need or want the help! 😉 )
  • I love that she is such a compassionate helper. When we visited Grandma at her store, my big ol’ purse knocked off a display of sunflower seeds. Toddler immediately squatted down and started setting things right. She said, “That’s okay, Sis, it was just an accident.”
  • I love that she spontaneously put her arms around me and squeezed me as hard as she could and said, “I LOVE you, Sis.” Twice. Be still my heart.

And finally–for today, anyway–I love what she brings out in Mr. Man. I see a whole other side to the man I’ve been with for 24 years.

One-he takes charge and helps me out without my asking. Two–he can get her to sleep when I can’t. Three–today when a little curly-haired, red-headed girl about Toddler’s own age pushed Toddler out of a chair at the birthday party ( I didn’t see it) Mr. Man came over and discreetly told me it was time to go, instructing me to drive the car around to the lot by the slides (weird enough, for a child’s birthday party, they picked a spot way the heck and gone across the park from the playground.)

Normally, when he tells me what to do, I kinda get all bristly and grumpy. But there was something different about his take charge attitude that REALLY worked for me today. 😉 Anyway, when he told me that he’d witnessed someone treating Toddler unfairly and meanly–even if it was another toddler–he’d decided that kids were getting cranky and the party was over for us. I was charmed. No one was going to treat Toddler like that, as far as he was concerned. He didn’t SAY that, but the way he handled the whole situation spoke volumes. Awwww! You should have seen the way they played together on the playground equipment! He would make such a good daddy. *sigh* I hope God’s plans for us include children. So far, it doesn’t seem so. But we’ll be the best aunt and uncle we can be.

When Toddler left, to hit the road with her Mommy–who I was also excited to see, by the way–We were left with the aftermath of let-down. Again, Mr. Man took charge. This guy, who I often have to pry from out of his recliner and away from his plasma screen, came into the office and said, “Come on. Let’s go.”

He took me to WalMart! (I’m easy to impress.) He usually moans and groans when I cajole him into going there. But tonight–he took me! Without my asking! He even walked around, LED me around, looking at random stuff. Even in the grocery section. AND he bought the new Harry Potter 7 for us to read, too.

If that’s not love, well, I’ll take it. 🙂

On to this week’s menu:


Ok today i’m sober and i’m rethinking this running for office thing.

You know, you could SHARE those margaritas, Squirrel!


Driving with Most Minor Minion is definitely fraught with jalapeno moments.

Ms. Karen, I am praying for you. 🙂 And here I always thought those folks in the adult diaper section had health issues. I’ll now look for that extra twitch that might indicate teaching a teenager to drive!


The next things I heard was “Steve, Steve, Steve…” in a unusually loud tone.

Well, Steve, it’s always nice to add new things to a relationship. (The little bugger was kinda cute!)


God willing, I will spend that morning recovering from VBS, eating chocolate, wearing my favorite undies…

Hey, Groovy, I so totally understand about the house to yourself thing. But I kinda think Mr. Man likes it to himself, too! Ah, the secrets to a happy marriage!


Just what ya need in an emergency. Some 6’ 5” half naked dude that’s asleep running through your house yelling random crap AND will have no memory of it later.

Definitely a new meaning to ‘shake, rattle and roll!’ Glad you’re okay, CornDog!


I learned a lot. I consider it research. 😉 And saw things, well, that I’m still trying to figure out. I’ll leave it at that. 🙂

Oh, Candy, you’ve got the neatest job! And you’re such a good writer to boot!


… apparently I’m doing the cha-cha on the moon.

Just put an ‘o’ on the end of everything, Dink. Stucco-o Italian-o work-o, me-o house-0. Outside-o. Now-o. I bet they ask for their pay in English-o.


But, lazy person that I am, I’m more interested in gadgets, so let’s start a little later in the game . . . say, the 1800s

Hey, Jacquie, really cool article! I love to read stuff like that.


I have three adult children, all of whom, for some inexplicable reason, are productive adults. Just goes to show that good children grow into good adults despite their parents.

Jacquie, you are so funny you get two mentions today!


The one that gobsmacked me, though, was along the same lines, except it was a close friend saying “You’re smart. When are you going to write real books?”

Yeah, Gabrielle, I’m so with you. Great post!! (BTW– Is the rat green, or the patootie?)


I’m just shaking my head. I’m now dubbing it The Thigh-high Stocking controversy. It has yet to end.

Yeah, Kristin, just think of all the free publicity they are getting!


So…whether you adore or loathe those jerkface heroes, how long do you give an author to start showing you glimpses of the “better man” underneath? Or do you even care?

Great article, Karen T! You know, the story goes my Mom couldn’t stand my Dad when they first met. I’m sure glad they got over it! 🙂


Bonnie is still stuck in aisle 7 with a perv. Hope you can get a break and come back to blogging, soon, Bonnie. You’re busy, working your fingers to the bone, I know!


With regard to my tomato squashing machine, I am in danger of emulating the woman who falls in love with and sings to her electric floor polisher in the Jean Renoir film, La Cireuse Électrique.

Get them ‘maters, Welshcakes! I just LOVE a new gadget!


And for fun:


4 Comments on “Domingo Delicioso #10”

  1. dink says:

    What a great post! I’m a sucker for toddlers in general. I love hearing stories about your niece your love for her is in every word.



  2. Groovy says:

    Aaaaaaw! You’re toddler list is precious!

    Did I really just write that? Did I write that you are toddler list is precious? Aaaaaaack!

    Oh well, you know what I mean.

    Oh, by the way, IN SPITE OF the evil beetles of doom, I was able to pick 5 CUPS of ripe juicy blueberries today to make a pie. Waaaa-Hoooooo!

  3. Ms. Karen says:

    Toddlers can be so smoochy fun. What a great list, and thanks for reminding me that my “teen toddlers” can still be a lot of fun to be around (between fussing, sulking, tantrums, and instructional drives).

    Great post, and YAY for Mr. Man. He sounds like a total keeper.

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