Domingo Delicioso #11

Phew! What a busy week! Nothing special, just busy at work. Which is good! Those pesky bills like it when they get paid. Preferably on time.

A week and a half until vacation! We can’t wait to get out of town. Have the house-sitter all lined up, now all I have to do is pack…and buy the all and sundry we manage to stuff into the car. Cold drinks, snacks, pet supplies…I might even try to sneak in a new pair of shoes! It seems like we have to take the whole household. I still always feel like I’m forgetting something. (Good thing we don’t have kids, I guess. πŸ™‚ ) Mr. Man bought a trailer…if that tells you anything. Actually, we really DID need it, because for car shows, we do a display themed around Phantom of the Opera, and it’s really involved.

We’re going to Colorado, to a PT Cruiser event: Cruise the Rockies VII .

Last year was our first CTR, and it was held in Red River, which was a blast. This one is a bit further away from home, in Steamboat Springs…and it’s the first week long vacation we’ve had in a few hundred pounds – – er, years.

Several other Cruisers from around Texas are staying in our town overnight, and we’ll caravan up there. That’s always fun. We’ll be staying in Canon City first. I’ve never seen the Royal Gorge, so that will be neat. A little scary, but neat. The places we’re going up there even allow us to bring our pets into the park! That’s good. Dodger and Hermione will have a blast! From there onto Steamboat Springs….then after that event, we’ll be going to Estes Park as we head home. There, we plan to see the Stanley Hotel, where the movie The Shining was filmed. Looking forward to that, too!

Until then, work work work!! πŸ™‚

So, what’s everyone else been up to this week? Have any of you had your vacations yet?


He bone-crunched, I screamed. Really. It was embarrassing.

Yeowch, Gabrielle!


There are three other women running though, so it’s not a sure thing

360* from last week! πŸ™‚ Been back to the Margaritas? πŸ™‚ Good Luck, Squirrel. You’d have my vote!


Honestly, I didn’t imagine my blog making people think anything other than I need to up my meds.

Heh! Congratulations, Ms. Karen, on the Thinking Blogger nomination! (Seriously, I hold the secret fear of people thinking I need my meds upped, too. So when I visit your blog, I feel right at home!)


. . . . you all think you know me, eh? But do you know the REAL Groovy????

I’m learning something new all the time, Groovy! πŸ™‚ BTW–ME WANT COOKIE, TOO!


I guess Ooo La La doesn’t last as long as Gramma Spanky pants. . . .

**Snort.** And CornDog–all of your posts were extremely thoughtful and interesting this week. But this one cracked me up!


It is my passion that fuels my fire.

Thank God we have people like you on our side, Randy.


Therefore it will either be all right or everyone will be flat on their backs.

Welshcakes is dipping into the art of distillery! Can’t wait to hear how this turns out. **hic**


I found myself wanting to buy a plane ticket to the other side of the world and hiding out for a month.

I have days like that, Britta!


The first time I met her at a writing class in 1993, she walked in late–a tall, (REALLY tall from my perspective!) leggy blonde– and stirred things up. Class instantly became a lot more interesting with Ronda’s wry perspective added to the mix!…Before long, I realized we had more in common than writing alone, and she became of of my best friends, period.

A wonderful tribute, Jenny.


Then there is Edward.

Love books like that, Kristin! Thanks for the heads up on this one.


And Finally:


9 Comments on “Domingo Delicioso #11”

  1. Very cool that you’re doing this! Thank you for carrying the torch!

  2. desperatewriter says:

    Sure thing, Elizabeth! I know Bonnie is swamped this summer…and I’m not quite as witty as she is, but I am having fun doing it! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Groovy says:

    Colorado Cruisers. Sounds like a group of 60-something tourists!

  4. desperatewriter says:

    Well, I’m sure there are some around that age! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Squirrel says:

    Thanks for the plug DW!! Sorry I haven’t been visiting your blog much over the past couple week! I’ve neglected everyone between campaigning and cleaning up my yard (we cut down a thirty foot pecan tree)!

  6. Squirrel says:

    oops I meant 60 foot

  7. desperatewriter says:

    That’s a big pecan tree! Well, I’m glad you can visit when you have a minute!

  8. Ms. Karen says:

    Thanks for the mention, and good job on the DD (as always).

    Sounds like you’re going to have a splendid vacation. Enjoy your trip. Bring back stories and pictures!

  9. desperatewriter says:

    Lots and lots of pictures!! πŸ™‚ Hopefully some good stories, too.

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