Domingo Delicioso #12

Another week’s zipped by. August! Wow. I can’t believe it!

Not much exciting going on around here. Except Mr. Man and his Phantom Cruiser won first place in his class at a local car show today. YAY! He worked so hard, shining up that PT. We went cruising down Polk (our main street) tonight, with a lot of other classic and fancied up cars. It’s a once a year deal. People used to cruise Polk all the time, it was a right of passage as teens. But then there had to be some yahoos that went killing each other in fights, and ruined it for everyone. Stinkers.

Wasn’t it terrible, about that bridge collapse in Minnesota? Man, I hate that. It’s so sad to think about the victims and their families. And how scared everyone must have been. My heart and prayers go out to them.

I learned that a friend is leaving soon to go overseas, and we knew it was coming, but to have an actual date…well, needless to say, we are full of worry and concern. But it’s their job…their calling, I suppose. The air will be filled with prayers until our loved one is home again.

I guess my Delicioso is kinda blah today…My mind is wandering to all I have to do before we go on vacation, our friend, and it’s been a long day. So it’s a good thing we have so many clever kids on the list this week! It’ll save you from my rambling!

Have a look:


I’m experimenting with NEW TECHNOLOGY: video-blogging!

BONNIE’S BACK! Briefly, but she’s back. And she does it in style! You MUST go see her new video blog entry! It’s so good that you finally got out of Aisle 7!


Stripping the bedding with a cat trying to nap may lead to bandaids.

Oh, Kristin, I SO know what you mean! BTW– I’m looking forward to that movie, too!


“I hate ‘em too,” the lady said.

Aw, why don’t we all hate ’em together!? Seriously, I saw another hater stopped and not feeding them under a bridge here the other day…Sorry, CornDog, I would have posted about the frogs, but ewww. 😉 Scary, too! Damned snakes.


Yes, indeedy, welcome to the world of ADD-style housekeeping

Ms. Karen+DW= separated at birth? I have been thinking about taking out my carpet that way, too. And you have GOT to stay out of other people’s cars!


I love this: the angurie on sale get their very own parasol!

Those look like WATERMELON to me, Welshcakes. *grin* and the nerve of that hairdresser, to go out of town like that! Oh…wait…I’M fixin’to go out of town like that….


He took me out for seafood ravioli and Limoncello on the rocks –for me, Brando doesn’t drink. I don’t know if he did when he was alive but he doesn’t now. He’s promised to show me a special cave and a secret grotto –oh and he promised something else that sounds lovely–fresh mozzarella grilled on a basil leaf. He’s quite the tour guide.

Um, alrighty then, dink! You’re so funny! RE: Iron gates– what you are planning to do for doors sounds lovely! I’d probably do it backwards, distress them first and then stain them…I’d like the darker areas of stain where it would pool in the marks.


Frugality demands that the old ones be worn out before I buy new ones.

Why, Groovy, why do we punish ourselves this way?! I hope you get your trip in! 🙂 P.S.–THE NEW SHOES ARE CUTE!


To get right to the point, I CANNOT WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO START! And if there’s a God in heaven (and I know there is!) please hear my prayer and send the year-round-school program plague to Oklahoma!!!!AMEN.

Poor Squirrel. She’s going nutz. Thank goodness for blogging, eh?


August 21.

Bill starts college and the next chapter begins.

Wow, Elizabeth. How neat! I love how you describe your admiration of your Son.


Within half an hour, he’d arrived and left me with orders for bed rest for the rest of the week, a prescription for pain meds and this wonderful, wonderful muscle relaxant that I’m sure is highly addictive, it’s so “yeah, okay, thanks, I’m going to bed now.” Swear to God, Elvis would have loved this one.

Oh, Gabrielle, I hope you feel better soon!



By the way, Craig Ferguson, have you Googled today? Are you writing another book?


3 Comments on “Domingo Delicioso #12”

  1. dink says:

    Thanks D-W! And congrats to your fella on his win.
    Fun stuff as always.

  2. Groovy says:

    OOooooo. A first place! Do they give money prizes? Girly-Girl placed two 6th places with her goat. She was THRILLED because she got two PINK ribbons AND $26!!!!

  3. desperatewriter says:

    No, no money prizes. But a nice plaque! Very cool for Girly -Girl! 🙂

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