P’s Meme

Got tagged by Ms. Karen!

My Passion:

My passion has to be my family.  I couldn’t make it without God the Father and my earthly family.
My Purpose:

My purpose…hmm, I never can put a finger on that one.  To love God, my family and friends and to do God’s will as best as I can…

My Pursuit:


My Position:

Oh, I don’t know…sitting down?

My Pummeling:

I’m a procrastinator, lazy, and too self-indulgent in many areas.  Definitely not God’s purpose for me on this Earth!

My Progress:

I feel like I’ve been slipping backward lately instead of stepping forward in improving my life.

My Personality:

I’m a people pleaser, which kind of makes me a doormat sometimes.  But I think I’m growing out of it.  I’m also a fixer.  And I’m kind of a worrier, but not as bad as I used to be.  I love to laugh, and enjoy a good joke.  I’m a good listener, and a loyal friend.

So…who can I tag for this one? 





Answer the P Meme, then send it on!


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