You know…

I feel good. For three days in a row. Except, I didn’t get enough sleep last night. Stayed up too late for one, and had to much iced tea that kept me up and down all night. Whoops.

I’ve thought about this…and I’ve been doggin’ on myself for not writing. Well, what have I been doing here on this blog? It may be self-absorbed or incoherent at times, but it’s still writing, and on a somewhat regular basis. But it still counts as writing.

For instance, writer Kevin Smith was on Letterman last night, talking about his new book. Do you know how that book came about? Someone knew he blogged regularly, and asked him if he would let them consolidate those blogs into a book. He asked if he would have to do anything in regards to it, as far as more work, they said no, so he said okay, and BOOM! He has a book out. Mind you, its title is MY BORING-ASS LIFE, but it’s still a book. From his blogs. Of course, he has the advantage of having an established career in writing screenplays and all that goes with that beforehand, but still.

This doesn’t in any way mean I think my blog is book-worthy. I have, however, had the revelation that I haven’t quit. I’ve been writing. The discipline regarding my fiction hasn’t been what it should be, but I’ve been writing. And it counts.


2 Comments on “You know…”

  1. Groovy says:

    Ah, you have inspired me, my dear.

    Letterman: And so Groovy, what is the catalyst behind your new and fascinating book, I Think I’ll be Pink Today?

    Groovy: Random firing of brain synapses on alternate Tuesdays.

    (Insert fake laugh track here because the real audience are all in line for the bathroom)

    Letterman: (makes funny faces at the camera)

    Groovy: Seriously, Dave – I CAN call you Dave, can’t I? – I believe that every blogger in the world has a story, it’s just that mine is groovier than most.

    Letterman: (Throws 1,000 copies of my new book -paid for by CBS – out a 15th floor window to see what will happen.)

    Groovy: Dave…I get the feeling that you are mocking me.

    Letterman: ME????

  2. desperatewriter says:

    That’s so funny! 🙂 You’re a hoot.

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