Domingo Delicioso #24

Ack.  Late again. 

This last weekend was a happy, busy one.  Brother, SIL and Toddler came to town!  They came to see Granny, and visit.  Granny seemed cheered by seeing them.  She seems to be doing better…we just take things day by day.  Thanks to everyone for their sparkles and prayers.

Oh, we have a new family member!   His name  is  “Baahhhh-bbaaaayyyy!”  Or in non-Toddler speak, “Bobby.”

“Bahhhh-baaayyy!”  Toddler would holler.  “Come here.”  She’s grab him up and hand him to me, or her mommy who channeled Bobby’s voice.  “Bobby, tell me a story.  Cinderella.” 

“Baaaahhhh-baayyy!  Bobby Bobby Bobby….”

Bobby is a little Beanie Baby-sized stuffed lion, actually, a ‘Webkinz.’ Many of you who have regular access to kids know about these cutie pies, toys that have a little secret code with them that opens up their own little virtual world on the Internet. Toddler is oblivious to this (at the moment) and simply saw the critter at a store in the mall and decided that “Bobby” now belonged in the family. 

Yes, we actually ventured out to the mall with Toddler.  She was really good, though. Her Daddy rented a car-shaped stroller that’s the same color as Mr. Man’s PT Cruiser, and the tyke took to it right off.  While we were stinkin’ ourselves up at Bath and Body Works, I glanced down at Toddler to see her waving side to side, not just any wave, but the ‘royal’ wave.  I had to laugh! Earlier that morning, Brother and Mr. Man had participated in our local Veteran’s Day parade, and SIL had taken Toddler to watch the procession. So evidently, Toddler was having her very own parade!  She’s so precious.

I can never get enough of her crystal clear, guileless eyes, as blue as the Texas sky, and that angelic face with it’s countless expressions.  She certainly keeps us on our toes.  We ate out quite a bit (danger danger!) and each time, she’d stop and reach out her hands.  “We need to pray,” she’d remind us.  And a child shall lead them, indeed.

The little toot frightened us to death this evening, though.  In her enthusiasm, she ran into the house and toward the living room, but slammed smack-dab into the door facing. At first she seemed just fine, but she started bawling after a heartbeat or two.  Her Mommy ran to her and scooped her up, and after a second, started hollering Toddler’s name in a panicked manner.  Evidently, Toddler had cried until she lost all her breath, and her eyes rolled back into her head.  Brother took her and when he did, Mr. Man swore he saw the baby pass out, though Brother didn’t think so. Brother jostled her, then she regained her breath and her voice.  I never thought I’d take such joy in hearing her cry.  Anybody have any tips on how to . . . well, how to make her get her breath back, if this happens again?  Frankly, it scared the shit out of me. I couldn’t stand it if anything happened to her.  I called them twice while they were on the road back home, just to make sure Toddler was still okay.  I guess it was a delayed reaction, I mean, I was trying to calm SIL down and make sure everything all right with Toddler… once they were on the road and Toddler was out of my sight, I got a bit panicky and called them TWICE to check on her.  Sheesh. 

All is well.  Which is exactly how I felt Saturday night when she sat in my lap and nestled her head on my shoulder and went to sleep.  After she let me tell her quite a few stories.  😉  And after we’d introduced Bobby to the rest of the crowd in her toybox at Granny’s. 

I miss her already.  But she’ll be back in a couple of weeks for Thanksgiving.  With her Mommy and Daddy, of course, who we also miss seeing!

Changing the subject here, I’ve lost 23 pounds so far on my WW journey.  I feel better, and my clothes are looser.  I don’t trust my success yet though.  Not when I have so far to go. That is “stinkin’ thinkin.’ ” But it’s the truth.  I didn’t do well resisting temptation this week.   And I didn’t keep my food journal very well. This is where I have to remember to forgive myself, and not dwell on that.  After all, as Scarlett said, “tomorrow is another day.”

Well, I must sign out now.  It’s once again nearly 3 a.m.  Another thing I need to work on.  Staying up way too late. Especially when I start the new job.

So I’ll leave it to these folks!___________________________________________________________________ 

Life doesn’t stop and wait while you get down to the weight you want to be at. Life doesn’t actually care that you are trying to accomplish something. You just have to learn to accomplish your ’something’ while living life.

And can I have another AMEN, for Lady Shanny! I am so with you on the eating to cope thing. It’s the hardest thing I’m finding to accomplish this time around, that old way of self-soothing. It’s good I never really took to alcohol…


You know you’ve lost any semblance of sanity when the dream that haunted you all night is… finding the atomic mass to ham.

Um, yeah. Okay. Good luck with that one, Kristin!


Man, she lit outa there like geyser.

Groovy’s possessed. NaNo-mania!


So, yeah, you may have started it, but I get to finish it.

And you do it WELL, Ms. Karen! Good for you for “vomiting” it all out there, as Diva M3 would say.


She said, “My neighbor’s dumped the weirdest thing in her back yard…Her husband’s prosthetic leg…Look, it’s still wearing a sock and sneaker.”

Well, CornDog, maybe he’d been running around on her….


My son being the switched-on kid that he is, saw it first. Bets were immediately placed as to how long it would stay there and how many people would see it and would hurry past it.

Ugh! Eww eww eww! Oh, Selma, you’re right. It was certainly a distraction! ________________________________________________________

After all, I had been on my own, married, since I was twenty-one. Running my own house. Raising kids, making dinners, shopping, trying to stick to a budget (ha-ha). Whatever could I need a mom for?

Shirley, an absolutely beautiful tribute to your mother.  ((((HUGS))))


5 more days, Craig Ferguson.  5.

5 Comments on “Domingo Delicioso #24”

  1. Selma says:

    I love hearing the stories about Toddler, she sounds so cute! My son used to get winded all the time and it is very scary. I used to pat him on the back almost as if I was burping him and it seemed to help.

    Congrats on losing all that weight. You must be thrilled. That is fantastic!

  2. Ms. Karen says:

    Scary todder things are the worst. MMM had jumped off the couch and smacked his nose on the corner of the coffee table. Oh, the blood! Oh the screaming. Oh, the panic from everyone.

    Six months later… he did it again.

    Congrats on the weight. I’ve managed to keep my thirty pounds off, but I still have a lot left. I’ve not been trying and I’m starting to feel that sluggishness creep back. *sigh* time to go back to sensible food.

  3. desperatewriter says:

    Thanks, guys. 🙂 I can’t imagine how much more terrifying it might have been had there been blood involved! I looked it up on Google last night, and found this site, which made me feel some better:

  4. Groovy says:

    It’s so scary when they get hurt!

    I’ve dieted a whole entire day now and I’ve lost…let’s see…that would be nothing. Dang. I guess this means no brownies tomorrow either.

    Congrats to you for how far you’ve come. Now, stay the course! I’m rooting for you!!

  5. desperatewriter says:

    Keep at it, Groovy!

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