Domingo Delicioso #29

Welcome to the first Domingo Delicioso of 2008! I promise to make it as much of a mess as it was last year. 😉

Taking stock, I’ve lost 28 pounds on Weight Watchers so far. I think the new job has helped rev up my metabolism quite a bit, as well as not give me enough time to sit around and graze so much. I continue to look to my Mom, who has lost 40 pounds and to Lady Shanny, who has done EXTREMELY well, too. Though “Shanny gets cranky when she hasn’t eaten!” I think the same thing can be said of most of us. At least, in my family I know for sure that it’s true. A vision of that creepy flower from Little Shop of Horrors comes to mind, shouting “FEED ME!” when any of us get snippy or out of sorts. But you really should stop by her site, she has all sorts of recipes, advice, and experience to share.

Speaking of downsizing, I’ve decided to take a smaller booth at the salon. That will save me over $100 a month, and that will cover my cell phone bill. Cell phones. Remember that scene in Lethal Weapon 4 where Chris Rock and Joe Pesci go off on cell phones? How real is THAT? Cell phones are great – – most of the time. Cell phone bills ALWAYS STINK! And I don’t even TEXT or use the internet. How do people pay for all the texting their kids do? Sheesh.

I rarely hear my cell phone while I’m in the car, though. Like Crystal, I usually have my music up too loud. Music. Must. Be. Loud. I also think it is a major rule with certain songs. And again, like Crystal, my car is out of commission, but with a flat. Mr. Man grumbled at me because he TOLD me to go have it checked out a long time ago. He couldn’t just come right out and say it. No. It’s that old “stay quiet but give out the ‘vibe’ thing” until I finally wrangle out of him what I know he’s thinking anyway but I have to hear him say it, so I can verbalize the argument that OF COURSE I didn’t get it checked, but kept airing it up instead because, with my luck, it wouldn’t be the old “Discount Tires fixes flats for free” thing. Nooooo sir. It would be the “Gee, we can’t fix this, you’ll need a new tire and we have to order one from the warehouse but it’ll only take a few minutes extra so please wait–sorry you forgot your book–and that’ll be a hundred bucks and change” thing. Not because they are dishonest, but because that’s how my money-luck has been running lately. Let’s not forget, I have a cell phone made of gold to pay for, apparently. So, I’m driving Mr. Man’s car, the really cool car. Except that we have a bird that’s taken up residence near where I park, and it’s the biggest crapping bird in the neighborhood. And it’s got one of those after-snow road films on it. I can’t run it through the car wash, because Mr. Man hasn’t taken the bra off, and every time we wash it, a tail light shorts out due to a wire that was hooked up funky when he got his trailer hitch installed.

It’s always something.

PhotobucketBut what I’m trying to say is, cool cars rock.


My car’s kinda cool, too. I would like it back.

In the last post, I mentioned some of the New Year’s Traditions I learned about from people going through my line at the grocery store. Ms. Karen had one of her own, but I don’t think I’ll be trying this one. I hope. At least she can fix it herself. I manage to fuss and whine until either Mr. Man fixes it, or tells me to call our plumber. I have an issue with my body’s upper plumbing, *sniff-cough.* I guess that’s what I get for kissing Mr. Man on New Year’s Eve.

Oh, heck. I’d do it again.

Or neighbors to the north of us moved out again. The elderly lady who lived there FOREVER passed away a few years ago, and since then, two different buyers have taken it.  I always get nervous when new people move in.  I want to be the type that looks at it as an opportunity to make new friends.  However, I mostly pray we get good neighbors we can get along with.   At least I can be reasonably sure, mostly, that I won’t have the trouble CornDog seems to in Oakland.  I mean, when she says, “I don’t want to see used condoms in my hood. It’s the ultimate big nasty of people parking on Oakland streets grinding away, flinging bodily fluids in unbiodegradable plastic out their Honda. It’s nothing more than littering with a side of sperm” and “If your car is on fire, please do not drive it to my neighborhood. I am sick of this mess” that tells you something

*hugs* CornDog!  I’m worried about that vacated pair of New Balances, though….

I sure hope whoever moves in there  or purchases it for profit treats the property with respect.  I’d hate for it to become a rental property that is not cared for or loved, or owned by a landlord to is like Selma’s. I  am so glad your son wasn’t harmed by those falling cornices!  And glad your builder is a consumer advocate.

(Just for your info: We will not be eating Chinese hamsters.)

As far as you KNOW, Groovy.  As far as you know.  Watch out for the dumplings.  My condolences to Mr. Snowblower.

And folks, That’s about as much energy as I have!  *cough-cough* I’ve already burned the pizza I was heating up for supper.  Mr. Man was thrilled.  *Eye-roll* The way he’s gruntingthis afternoon, I think it’s separate corners night.  He probably feels the same about me, so don’t fuss at me for picking on him.

C ya!

5 Comments on “Domingo Delicioso #29”

  1. Lady Shanny says:

    Sweet you are for linking all those different pages on my website and sending people my way! SWEET!

  2. Ms. Karen says:

    April, I hope you feel better soon. Broken car stuf… UGH!

    Lady Shanny, your site is awesome. I don’t get there as often as I would like, but I enjoy it when I do get there. Thanks April for leading me there.

  3. Selma says:

    Hope you get your car back soon. Congrats on losing all that weight. How fantastic. I am going to visit lady Shanny right now!

  4. 28 pounds? Hurray for you!!!!!!!!!!

    (I think 5 of them snuck up behind ME.)

    I do love your PTs.

    I do NOT love cell phones.

  5. catsmeowjw says:

    Great job, Writer. I’m happy for your success in this area. Keep up the wonderful attitude!!

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