Domingo Delicioso #30

La la la la la……Another week has passed, but not a lot of news to pass along.  BORing.  Brother, SisM and Toddler are back to life in Oklahoma.  Things are looking good there. I’m happy for them.  But still miss them.  Mr. Man has been sick, really sick, with some kind of flu thing that he’s fought since before Christmas. I finally got him to the doctor (stubborn man) and he’s been home resting and recuperating from 103 degree plus temps.  He’s feeling better now, thank goodness.  I can tell.  No more groaning in his sleep, he is upright more than horizontal…he actually gets up from his chair (Actually, MY chair, since he hasn’t felt like moving out our old, worn-out recliner and bring in the one from the garage that we inherited from Granny) to come into the bedroom where I’m huddled up under our electric blanket *cough-cough* to tell me an interesting tidbit from time to time about something he’s watching on TV. 

“Do you know what I just found out?”  Mr. Man asked, shuffling into the bedroom, rumpled Christmas PJs coordinating with week-old beard growth and bed-head that returns about 10 minutes after each shower.   

“What?” I croaked.

“That medicine the doctor gave me?”


**Dramatic Pause** (Yes, my Mr. Man, usually so laid back, has his moments inclined toward drama, just enough to make us almost even in that department, I think.)

“Well?” I prompt, suspecting he’s been flipping through the channels as usual, learning bits and pieces on various informational programs.

“Well, it’s the same kind they use to treat…”

I raise my eyebrows and quirk my head.

“They use it to treat *unnamed embarrassing condition*.”   Outrage and disbelief abound. Why did he lower his voice?  Who else is going to hear?  It’s just us in this ol’ house. 

“Oh. “ I say, as he looks at me expectantly.  What did he want me to say?  “Well, they use that antibiotic for several different things, I’m sure.  I’ve heard of them using it for a lot of stuff. Really.”

Nothing from Mr. Man.

“Well?” I guess I hadn’t said what he wanted to hear.  “You don’t HAVE *unnamed embarrassing condition*, do you?”  I ask, knowing full well there wasn’t even a possibility of this.


“Then there’s no big deal then, right?”

He snorts. “Still,” he shrugs as he turns to shuffle back to his sick nest.  You could have almost added ‘the very idea…” onto the end of that response.  He’s so funny sometimes.  🙂 

And generous.  As you’ve already figured, he shared his lovely bug with me.  But so far, it hasn’t been as bad.  Knock on wood. 

Last week, I made noise at the market because I had only been given 5 hours for the week.  I told the bosses I’d really like to work more, I’d applied for a second job for a reason.  That’s so unlike me, to be so outspoken. No really, it is.  Stop laughing.  But it worked.  I got a good week’s work this last week.  HOWEVER, I didn’t get a full day off all week from either job.  So this week, I did get a decent amount of hours, and still have a couple of days off.  Mr. Man should be back at work, and I’ll have time to finally get my Christmas tree down, and our decorations put away.  Does anyone else find it difficult to clean house when your spouse is home?  It’s not even that he makes things more difficult, or does anything to distract me.  It’s  just easier when I have the house to myself. 


Oh well.  Nothing new about my being weird. 

But I’m in good company!


Bad books disturb me …leave a bad taste, like a bad peanut. I need a bit of rinse and spit before beginning again with a new book.

Uh, I know, d.  I hate that kind of disappointment.  Reading a book shouldn’t be a struggle.  There’ve been a few recommended by friends who LOVED them that leave me cold.  Matthew sounds like a cutie pie, senile or not.  My 20 year old cat, Baby,  is crouching on my chest right now, determined to have her way no matter how many times I move her off me.  *sigh*  Glad to have you back in the blogosphere!



Yeah, Ms. Karen, they do.  The really do.


Have you ever done something and known right from the start that you shouldn’t?  Have you ever made a decision and even while you were giving your answer there was a voice in your head yelling “DON’T DO IT!”, but you ignored that voice?

No.  Not me, Lady Shanny.   Uhn uh. *Snort.*  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  What’s done is done, and all that.  Remember, Dahlink, tomorrow IS another day.


I need a vacation from my winter break.  

Break?  You got a break?  Gee, Kristin.    Pfffft!  😉


For a teaser, this is a pic of a recent knit-then-felt project that I like to call “Hello, I’m a Tree Hugger Yoga Mat Carrier.”

Gee, Britta, is there anything you can’t do?  Very cool.


Got back early Friday to a dark, wet Paris, and immediately started tearing apart my place and putting it back together with ideas from watching far. too. much. HGTV.

Yeah, that gets me in trouble too, Gabrielle.  At least you follow through  and finish your projects while I–OOOhh, something shiny!  Oh, uh, anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your special post!


Fresh cherries and fresh Clementines.

Yeah, Groovy, I’ve been selling a lot of both at the market.  Watch out for those ladders, will ya?  Glad the light is working!


Jacquie is running a Faery special contest on her blog. Hurry!  The deadline is January 31 at midnight, PST!


HIM: Don’t worry. I’ll be around for a few more years yet.
ME(in a sulk): Not if I finish you off first.

I know, Selma.  I just had this go-round with Mr. Man about going to the Dr.  Turns out he had that flu you described in another post.  103 plus fever, etc.  He finally went, and now he’s feeling better.  But guess what? *cough-cough* Your description of how it feels is absolutely on the money.


I neglected to say it before, but HE’S BACK!

5 Comments on “Domingo Delicioso #30”

  1. Selma says:

    I’m so sorry Mr. Man has been ill. High fevers always stress me out. Hope you don’t get any worse, either. Take care both of you.

  2. Darling, I can’t get ANYTHING done when the man is home…

    And that video is scientology in a nutshell! (or is it in a nutCASE?)

  3. d says:

    Hope your hubby gets well soon (for both your sakes 😉 and that the bug just nipped you lightly.
    Take Care!

  4. Ms. Karen says:

    Oooh, feel better soon, both of you.

    What is it about men and being sick? If you’re sick and they aren’t, then you can’t be sick. If they’re sick and you’re sick, you can’t be sick then, either. If they’re sick AND you’re sick, you’re still not as sick as they are. It IS a competition and you WILL lose.

    Nothing really gets done when himself is home, mainly because I’m always having to stop whatever it is I’m doing to assist him in his MUCH MORE IMPORTANT TASK.

    Great DD, DW.

  5. Ms. Karen says:

    Oops, I meant to write, if they’re sick and you’re not sick, then you’ve NEVER been as sick as they are… sheesh where IS my brain…? Oh, yeah, I think the new kitty has it.

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